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A stunningly made idyllic story of a postman and a land that is stricken by the dread of death.

Bhayanakam Movie Short Story

As the Second World War starts, another postman assumes responsibility in Kuttanad. The war heightens and the postman whom the general population had considered as a harbinger of uplifting news ends up being a delivery person of death.

Bhayanakam Movie Review

Inferring Winston Churchill's well known jest amid the Second World war, 'I don't have anything to offer yet blood, drudge, tears and sweat', the postman in Jayaraj's Bhayanakam, who is a previous fighter, is a relic of war with nothing else to offer except for mournful recollections of it. For the general population of Kuttanad as well, he has nothing to offer other than news of death. For them, the postman who was at one time the image of inspiration and a promising sign turns into a delivery person of death and his pack worries about the concern of war as wires that breaks umpteen hearts and homes. 

Postman (Renji Panicker) is a character taken by Jayaraj from Thakazhi Shivashankara Pillai's epic novel Kayar. He ends up debilitated post the First World War and dwells in the place of Gowrikunjamma (Asha Sharath) whose two children are warriors battling the Second World War. He is energetic at the start of the motion picture when individuals of Kuttanad are seen tolerating him as he brings them cash and letters from their children, who are troopers. They consider him to be the copy of their youngsters who are battling against their families' starvation in an obscure land. Everything is delightful at first; the sky is brilliant, so are the general population. There are hues in the edges and in addition in the psyches of the characters. 

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Gowrikunjamma is sentimental and sees the positive side in all things. She before long finds an association with the postman. In any case, even and no more 'beautiful' snapshots of theirs, there is a squeeze of dread in the postman's eyes, who has seen the desolates of war. He is by all accounts mindful that each one of that satisfaction is transient. 

As Jayaraj gradually sets up the plot, the general population and the temperament of the story through captivating visuals and enthusiastic performers, the temper of the film changes. It rains after an upbeat Onam. It pours more than ever. Furthermore, as the rain and war pick up energy, the postman gradually turns into a bad dream, dispersing dread, which in the long run grasps the watchers as well. They get trapped in the issue that the postman experiences each day as the quantity of the wires continue expanding. 

With an astounding cinematographer Nikhil S Praveen and gifted on-screen characters, Jayaraj has made celluloid enchantment. In spite of the fact that the subject is dismal, he figures out how to keep the story holding and every so often acquires lighter minutes that trigger wistfulness. 

Each casing is lovely, be it the brilliant days in the principal half or the dull ones that take after. A tribute to the rice bowl of Kerala, watchers can't however long to go and live in the midst of the paddy handle, the backwaters and the rest. The music made by M K Arjunan, the verses by Sreekumaran Thampi, the foundation score, sound planning and craftsmanship course mix well to convey flawlessness to this period motion picture. 

Renji Panicker the hero for all intents and purposes lives as the postman and the look of defenselessness all over when Gowrikunjamma asks what he felt when he shot the foes is a tribute to the same. From his eyebrows to the fingers of his impeded legs, misery and dread of war is writ huge. Asha Sharath completes a perfect occupation as Gowrikunjamma while on-screen characters like Vavachan from Karunam, Kumarakaom Vasudevan from Ottal and Sabitha Jayaraj think of remarkable exhibitions. 

As Jayaraj finishes the 6th motion picture in his Navarasa arrangement, he doubts the world about the need of war – may be the most vital inquiry that the world needs to reply. One is helped to remember the well-known expression, 'The deplorability of war is that it utilizes man's best to do man's most exceedingly terrible'.

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Bhayanakam Movie Cast & Crew

Jayaraj,Renji Panicker,Asha Sharath

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Bhayanakam Movie Time

1 hr 45 mins

Bhayanakam Movie Date

20 Jul, 2018

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