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The film swings forward and backward in time, uncovering odds and ends of Maradona's past.

Maradona Short Movie Story

Maradona, an in-your-face goon, is on the pursued carrying out a citation wrongdoing. He begins to look all starry eyed at a goodhearted home medical caretaker Asha, who drives him to reevaluate his qualities.

Maradona Movie Review

Vishnu Narayan's Maradona is a motion picture in which the trip is more fascinating than the goal. Maradona (Tovino Thomas), apparently a charmer, takes asylum in his alienated cousin's level in Bengaluru after he gets harmed in a mishap. The cousin and family are going to go on an excursion, however, and Maradona is left to battle for himself for seven days in the level, where he gets incidentally secured. 

The film swings forward and backward in time, uncovering odds and ends of Maradona's past, and things being what they are he and individual goon Sudhi are bad-to-the-bone culprits on the run, in the wake of thumping somebody as a component of a 'citation'. Chemban Vinod, who plays a lawmaker's goon, is after Maradona, and afterward, there is the understudy/home attendant adjacent, Asha, who Maradona becomes a close acquaintance with, played by Sharanya R Nair. 

Maradona Full Movie Story

A large group of minor characters are likewise part of the pursuit yet the film properly has a place with Tovino, and can be viewed as a festival of the performer in him. Those captivated by Tovino as the adorable Mathen in 'Mayaanadhi' will be in for a stun to watch Tovino as Maradona. Despite the fact that there are likenesses someplace as far as the gorgeous person with the criminal foundation, Maradona is unbelievably remorseless. He doesn't delay to undermine a tyke to give just desserts to her dad, or set a winged animal trap for an essence of pigeon broil, and has no hint of blame. The on-screen character goes up against this at no other time seen look with elan, and merits adulation for it. 

The glaring difference between the adoring family in pastel shades and picture idealize settings, and the smoking and savoring hooligans grays, has played out well in the film. It's the easily overlooked details that acquire snapshots of brightness - the nervy old man on the contrary condo, the beagle who bears quiet observer to the hero's change. 

The peak offers just the same old thing new, be that as it may, and the movie producer appears have bargained on the sheer crudeness of the characters for a vibe decent tag. The home medical caretaker is additionally somewhat chafing now and again, maybe trying to weight on her 'blamelessness' and the film appears to paint every one of the men as heathens needing salvage by their ladies, tolerant moms or cherishing lady friends/spouses. 

Maradona additionally contacts upon the subject of the sweetheart's virginity, however, it's not the core of the film. Put something aside for a couple of jostling fake discoursed, Maradona is very watchable, only for Tovino.

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Maradona Movie Cast & Crew

Vishnu Narayanan,Tovino Thomas,Chemban Vinod Jose,Leona Lishoy

Maradona Movie Genre

Action, Romance, Drama

Maradona Movie Time

2 hrs 28 mins

Maradona Movie Date

27 Jul, 2018

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