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RX 100 Movie Synopsis

RX 100 is an account of adoration, desire, and energy damaged by exorbitant and superfluous gut.

RX 100 Movie Short Story

At the point when a city-reared young lady returns home to her town, she falls for the macho town kid and asks him out. As an energetic sentiment mixes, the person falls frantically enamored with her, however, does she feel a similar way? Or on the other hand is it only an enthusiastic summer toss?

RX 100 Movie Review

Some of the time, the most ideal approach to recount a story is in the least complex of ways – fresh, quick and clear. Truly, there are frequently a few layers to a story and different shades to each character, yet when you keep the quintessence of the story straightforward, everything else becomes all-good. Ajay Bhupathi's RX 100 at its center, is a clear story of affection, duplicity, and grievousness. In any case, the film is extended past its potential with over-the-top acting, violence. 

Set in a little town in Andhra Pradesh, the attention is on Shiva (Karthikeya) who's a furious, young fellow who drives an RX 100, smokes ganja and pounds, everybody, he sees. He's a poor man's Arjun Reddy as it were – irate, unpredictable, temperamental and sorrowful. As a general rule, there's a young lady in charge of such conduct, and for Shiva's situation, it's his affection for Indhu (Payal Rajput) that makes him insane. 

A little girl of a government official and town head, Vishwanath (Rao Ramesh), the city-reared Indhu craves Shiva's conditioned body and crude sex claim. She comprehends what she needs and isn't reluctant to get it. It's not well before she reveals to him how she feels. She instructs him how to kiss and soon, the two are indistinguishable. At this point, Shiva is head over foot sole areas, yet will their dad acknowledge their affection? All the more critically, does Indhu feel a similar way or would he say he is only an enthusiastic summer hurl? 

RX 100 Movie Full Story

The reviving angle about RX 100 is the means by which the executive is unafraid to demonstrate a lady who takes a gander at a person with unadulterated desire, and doesn't bashful far from making the main move. Indhu's character is strong and invigorating and is uncommon to discover in standard Telugu silver screen. There are no restraints and that is the thing that influences it to work. 

Shockingly, whatever remains of the film is far too finished the top, and on occasion, crude. Every scene is an extended path past its capability to commute home a clear point. For example, when Shiva discovers that Indhu is getting hitched to another person and endeavors to disturb it, Vishwanath sends his goons to stop him. He is beaten to mash and tossed in a stockroom – he gets up, gets whipped until the point when he falls. A similar cycle rehashes for the following five minutes, and you crave shouting 'Affirm, we get the point'. It's cringeworthy and lumbering. 

Sadly, this turns into an example of Karthikeya's character and the substantial measurements of drama in regards to his prema gets tiring after a point. While the youthful on-screen character puts in a sincere execution, he's a bit conflicting with the diverse shades of his character. Payal Rajput has an effect with a strong execution, while Rao Ramesh is awesome of course. Performer Ramki, who's oddly called 'Daddy' by everyone, puts in an important execution as Shiva's watchman. 

Take away the violence and there's a story here. RX 100 contacts a somewhat unexplored subject, however, wavers in its execution. You can't resist the urge to ask why the executive plays around with such a significant number of various camera points and endeavors to make a dim setting. RX 100 has intercourse, tears and a ton of blood, yet the embodiment of the film is someplace lost in the middle. Much the same as that RX 100 bicycle which is in concentrate constantly, yet as a general rule, is irrelevant.

RX 100 Movie Details

RX 100 Movie Cast & Crew

Ajay Bhupathi, Payal Rajput, Kartikeya, Rao Ramesh

RX 100 Movie Genre

Drama, Action, Romance

RX 100 Movie Time

2 hrs 32 mins

RX 100 Movie Date

12 Jul 2018

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