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In spite of the storyline lacking freshness, it could've been a drawing in the ride.

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Srinivasa Rao (Murli Sharma) does his best to give his youngsters all that they look for and satisfy even the littlest of their wants. His child Ram (Kalyaan Dhev) grows up careless in regards to every one of the penances his dad needed to make to give him the existence he has. Will, he ever changes and will his dad ever locate the opportunity to satisfy his own particular dreams shapes the story.

Vijetha Movie Review

Naming Rakesh Sashi's directorial and Kalyaan Dhev's presentation movie 'Vijetha' was a brave proceed onward the creators, taking a gander at the sort of desires that accompanied it. Kalyaan's dad-in-law Chiranjeevi's 1985 film Vijetha was the tale of a football player who makes an extreme stride for his family's joy. While no kidneys are sold here, as in the 1985 film, this is as yet the account of a man who needs to make huge penances for his family. But, this isn't Ram's (Kalyaan Dhev) story, this story has a place with his dad. 

Slam is a joyful man who drives a careless life. His dad Srinivasa Rao has done everything in this capacity to enable him to settle on decisions he needs throughout everyday life and to settle down in an occupation accomplishing something he cherishes. However, Ram grows up to be a flighty person who puts stock in tricking ambulances and stalking his neighbor Chaitra (Malavika Nair) for the sake of affection as opposed to accomplishing something valuable with his opportunity. That is, to the point that his decisions cause issues down the road for him in the back and all that buzzword jazz. 

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While the narrative of Kalyaan Dhev's character can possibly be a relatable transitioning track, it neglects to connect for the most part because of the performing artist's failure to act out. His eyes simply decline to demonstrate any feeling, remaining creepily clear even in the most (apparently) nostalgic scenes. It's a secret to anybody why Malavika Nair exists in this motion picture, seeing as how she (fortunately) has no two-part harmonies to sing with the lead performer either. Their affection track never gets got nor is any obvious fellowship at any point created between the characters in any case. No science to search for here! 

Who sparkles in the film, regardless of the laggy screenplay and inconsistent storyline, is Murli Sharma. He acts out flawlessly, conveying an unobtrusive and astounding execution. In spite of the majority of the film gave to Ram and his companion's shenanigans, with an endeavor to make failed out parody amidst the film, Srinivasa Rao's track appears the most intriguing piece of the film. His is a character a great many people will associate as well, helping them to remember their folks. 

Lamentably, the creator chooses to center rather around pointless wistful or entertaining scenes that neglect to bring out anything in the crowd. He additionally is by all accounts endeavoring to make a point about youngsters recognizing the penances guardians make for their joy, yet the message is shockingly lost in the confounded way the film goes about it. A grasping, unpretentious and relatable screenplay is the thing that the film required and needed significantly. 

Aside from Murli Sharma, the music of the film made by debutant Harshavardhan Rameshwar is a pleasure as well. Regardless of the storyline lacking freshness, it could've been a drawing in the ride if just Rakesh had taken the less-trodden way and picked Srinivasa Rao to be the focal point of the story rather than Ram. All things considered, he is the genuine Vijetha of the film!

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Vijetha Movie Cast & Crew

Rakesh Sashii, Murli Sharma, Malavika Nair, Kalyaan Dev

Vijetha Movie Genre

Drama, Action, Romance

Vijetha Movie Time

2 hrs 2 mins

Vijetha Movie Date

12 Jul 2018

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