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Fanney Khan Movie Review

Fanney Khan Movie Synopsis

'Fanney Khan' is a ritzy melodic that begins on a high note and has its snapshots of grandness. Anil Kapoor with a knockout execution makes it worth a watch.

Fanney Khan Movie Short Story

'Fanney Khan' is an account of expectations, dreams, and connections. It's about a dad who will remain determined to put his little girl on the excellent stage as the following singing impression of India. It is the revamp of the 2002 Oscar assigned Belgian film Everybody's Famous.

Fanney Khan Movie Review

He couldn't progress toward becoming Mohammad Rafi, however, harbors a fantasy of his girl getting to be Lata Mangeshkar. Prashant Sharma (Anil Kapoor) prevalently known as Fanney Khan among his gulley companions, endeavors to bring home the bacon, love Shammi Kapoor and lives just for his fantasy of superstardom. He neglects to accomplish that and henceforth sticks his expectations on his new-conceived, notwithstanding naming her Lata (Pihu Sand). Presently in her youngsters, Lata sings well as well as moves can imagine a fantasy regardless of the hefty size that routinely makes her a protest of body disgracing in front of an audience. 

Fanney Khan Full Movie Story

Anil Kapoor hits all the correct notes as an ambushed father, who is frequently decried by his own tyke for being so unflinchingly devoted in his central goal to see her succeed. He strikes the correct adjustments for a white collar class man in Mumbai battling amongst dreams and reality. This even as his better half Kavita (Divya Dutta) keeps on being his compassionate voice of reason. As a debutante, Pihu Sand catches the weakness of her character, however one never comprehends her consistent grouse against her dad. As the superstar vocalist Baby Singh, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks befittingly ravishing, however, her storyline is scratched absently much exertion or rationale. The capable Rajkummar Rao as Prashant's confided in companion Adhir, demonstrates his standard energy inside a constrained extension. While Rajkummar's science with Aishwarya appears to be constrained, his comic planning acts as the hero. 

Film's account goes somewhat off-key in the second half. For instance, there is no genuine backstory for Baby Singh and the main individual in her life is an unpleasant chief, who needs her to organize a closet glitch for a reality appear. 

While the second half is long and arduous, sincere exhibitions keep the watercraft above water. For a melodic, Fanney Khan's soundtrack doesn't live up completely with the exception of the Achche Din tune which is wonderful and the finale tune that radiates vitality. 

By and large, 'Fanney Khan' is a ritzy melodic that begins on a high note and has its snapshots of eminence. It indicates how guardians experience their fantasies through youngsters. 

It strikes a couple of wrong harmonies to come full circle into an enthusiastic yet advantageous peak. Notwithstanding, the gem is unmistakably Anil Kapoor with a knockout execution that makes 'Fanney Khan' worth a watch.

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Fanney Khan Movie Cast & Crew

Atul Manjrekar, Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Atul Manjrekar, Divya Dutta, Anaitha Nair, Pihu Sand, Prerna Arora

Fanney Khan Movie Genre

Comedy, Musical, Drama

Fanney Khan Movie Time

2 hrs 10 mins

Fanney Khan Movie Date

03 Aug 2018

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