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Goodachari demonstrates what Tollywood can do if just it settles on various decisions and thinks ambitiously. Loaded up with edge-of-the-situate minutes and riveting turns, this one is the ideal popcorn performer.

Goodachari Movie Short Story

Gopi (Adivi Sesh), pseudonym Arjun, is the child of an ex-RAW specialist Raghuveer. Raised by his uncle Satya (Prakash Raj), he needs to be a specialist simply like his dad and uncle. Be that as it may, Satya needs him to have a typical existence and not be executed like his dad was. What occurs in Gopi's life that flips around everything?

Goodachari Movie Review

With 'Goodachari' we, at last, have our own one of a kind James Bond, as Trinetra Agent 116. In any case, before Gopi, nom de plume Arjun (Adivi Sesh), can arrive, he needs to cross a great deal of obstacles kindness of who he happens to be. Yet, his identity, or anybody in the film truly, is something that must be uncovered on the extra large screen. 

Gopi drives a typical and substance life as Arjun, with the assistance of his uncle Satya (Prakash Raj). He harbors the fantasy of turning into an operator like his dad Raghuveer and serving the nation. In an existence loaded up with torment because of Raghuveer's passing, Sameera Rao (Sobhita Dhulipala) arrives like some truly necessary treatment. Excellent and free, the two begin to look all starry eyed at and choose to get hitched. 

Everything is by all accounts going great for Arjun when he's likewise chosen to be a Trinetra specialist in the wake of substantiating himself and ascending from underdog status. In any case, when his life is hurled separated by and by the most needed fear based oppressor Rana, Gopi needs to discover an exit plan the chaos. Who is Rana and what is his problem with Gopi? Like Supriya Yarlagadda's character Nadiya Qureshi says in the film, nothing in their field (or the film) is an incident. 

Goodachari Movie Full Story

A complicatedly woven story, 'Goodachari' is extraordinary compared to other starting point stories seen on-screen. While the essential plot of the film may appear a little piece reminiscent of Angelina Jolie's 'Salt', particularly when Gopi is on the run, whatever remains of the story more than compensates for the comparability. Adivi Sesh's covert operative spine chiller is the sort of film you need to look under a magnifying instrument to discover its imperfections, in light of the fact that the procedures are so fast and with such a large number of turns implanted in the plot, you scarcely have room schedule-wise to think. 

The best piece of 'Goodachari', other than the captivating plot, is the characterisation of Gopi. The performer was not lying when he said he needed to bring a government operative who was absolutely Indian to Tollywood. Not at all like covert operatives in Hollywood movies, he's not furnished with smooth suits, cool contraptions and cars et al to improve his life. Seeing as how this is a birthplace story he has simply his well-shown abilities, road shrewd ways and firearm to depend on. In a scene, Gopi and Vennela Kishore's character operator Shyam likewise split a mindful joke about Trinetra not having the sort of spending Agent 007 Bond has. They additionally wedge in an Aadhar card joke to make everything the more relatable. 

Adivi Sesh conveys a tremendous execution as Gopi, a kid who grows uploaded up with torment at his dad's demise, just to grow up and discover the much more excruciating reality of who his dad truly is. Supriya Yarlagadda is a characteristic and totally unpretentious with her power as the RAW battle head Nadiya. Madhu Shalini is alright in her part of operator Leena, while Sobhita Dhulipala is amazingly lovely as Sameera Rao, a character she easily finishes. Anish Kuruvilla, Vennela Kishore, Prakash Raj and the well known unrevealed baddie who plays Rana likewise convey spectacular exhibitions. 

At the point when the character of Rana is uncovered just before the interim, a throwing upset the movie producers were on the right track to keep concealed, little does the watcher realize that the turns have just barely started. A superb ride loaded up with turns, 'Goodachari' gets a larger number of things ideal than it gets off-base. The main things that don't appear to work for the film is the characterisation of Madhu Shalini's character Leena, who seems to be a lady in-trouble (in spite of getting a similar preparing Gopi has) and emerges like a sore thumb in the midst of solid female characters. What additionally doesn't work is the thinking Satya and Rana offer to Gopi in specific situations. 

Sashi Kiran Tikka with his tight story and Sricharan Pakala with his awesome music additionally take the show, hoisting the film to an unheard of level. 'Goodachari' demonstrates what Tollywood can do, if just it settles on various decisions and thinks beyond practical boundaries. Loaded up with edge-of-the-situate minutes and riveting turns, this one is the ideal popcorn performer for the end of the week. Enormous thumbs up and now that Gopi appears have come unto his own, we can hardly wait to see a greater amount of Trinetra Agent 116. Fingers crossed!

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Goodachari Movie Cast & Crew

Sashi Kiran Tikka,Adivi Sesh,Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore, Madhu Shalini, Darshan, Abhishek Nama,

Goodachari Movie Genre

Action, Drama

Goodachari Movie Time

2 hrs 27 mins

Goodachari Movie Date

03 Aug, 2018

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