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Raja Ranguski Movie
Raja Ranguski


Raja Ranguski Movie Synopsis

In spite of the quickly composed scenes that set up the sentiment among Raja and Ranguski, Dharanidharan figures out how to give us a genuinely holding murder secret in the main portion of Raja Ranguski.

Raja Ranguski Movie Short Story

A police constable turns into the prime suspect in the murder of a lady. With the baffling executioner plan on making him the substitute, would he be able to demonstrate his innocence?

Raja Ranguski Movie Review

Raja Ranguski starts with a note specifying that it is a tribute to the late author Sujatha. Also, executive Dharanidharan gives us a fitting set-up of a whodunit that Sujatha's anecdotal criminologists, Ganesh and Vasanth, would have wanted to have a turn. This is the thing that it includes...

Raja (Metro Shirish, who still needs to take a shot at his appearances), a police constable, becomes hopelessly enamored with Ranguski (Chandini Tamilarasan, who keeps on getting guaranteed jobs), and inspires her to acknowledge his affection by acting like a stalker over the telephone. His ploy succeeds, however he gets the stun of his life when he begins getting calls from a baffling individual mirroring his own voice! The guest undermines to end Ranguski's life, and Raja, who goes to her private province to secure her, winds up as the prime suspect in the murder of her neighbor, Maria Paulraj (Anupama), an old-fashioned gatherer. With a hardcore cop, KK (Jayakumar) hot on his foot sole areas, would Raja be able to demonstrate his innocence and discover who the executioner is?

Raja Ranguski Movie Full Story

Notwithstanding the hurriedly composed scenes that set up the sentiment among Raja and Ranguski, Dharanidharan figures out how to give us a genuinely grasping homicide puzzle in the principal half of Raja Ranguski. Yuvan Shankar Raja's score and Yuva's radiantly lit visuals loan some air that adds to the strain. What's more, the executive gives us a couple of sound suspects - from a picture taker living in the state to even Raja himself. Would he be able to the executioner - a schizophrenic who has thought of a fanciful guest?

However, the issue is that the film dispenses with the red herrings nearly when they are suggested as suspects. What's more, given how the supporting cast isn't produced past a bunch of characters, we can without much of a stretch make out that the last disclosure will include one of these characters. Be that as it may, even this wouldn't have been too enormous an issue with strong plotting. Also, this is the place the film slips. A murder puzzle emerges or goes into disrepair by how convincingly it gives us the conclusion. What's more, here, both the uncover and the execution of this disclosure are disappointing.

Raja Ranguski Movie Details

Raja Ranguski Movie Cast & Crew

Dharani Dharan, Anupama Kumar, Kalloori Vinoth, Shirish Saravanan

Raja Ranguski Movie Genre

Mystery, Drama, Thriller

Raja Ranguski Movie Time

2 hrs 2 mins

Raja Ranguski Movie Date

21 Sep 2018

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