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Game Paisa Ladki Movie
Game Paisa Ladki


Game Paisa Ladki Movie Synopsis

A good story that is murdered by poor exhibitions and a terrible screenplay

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Short Story

The film is about a mafioso, an agreement executioner and a young lady and the amusement they play between them with the reward being 10 crore rupees.

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Review

"Cash isn't god, yet it's no short of what one" is the thing that the focal topic of this film is. The discourse is mouthed by Nazuk (Sezal Sharma), a poor young lady who is sold to the goon Pathan (Zakir Hussain) by her significant other. In any case, given that every one of the characters in the film is battling for an entirety of 10 crores in this time of multi-million dollar tricks, it is by all accounts a feeble god, particularly when the notes are the red-hued thousand rupee notes of yore.

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Full Story

Amusement Paisa Ladki has an extremely fascinating, exposed bone structure with regards to the story. It could have been a smooth one. Over a night, a young lady and her ex-darling need to cheat the huge big cheese of his naturally plundered goods. In any case, the acting and the execution slaughter the story. The main man Raj (Deepens Garge); an agreement executioner who takes after a got dried out Jean Reno from Léon, is the brains behind this heist. His arrangement? Conceal a couple of receivers in a mafioso's home and enter in at critical minutes and unsettle things up a bit. He additionally makes out a great deal with the performing artist who happens to be his school sweetheart. Truth be told, at a pivotal minute in the film, he is gotten by the goons directly after he has intercourse with his dearest. Zakir Hussain as Pathan is more amusing than alarming, which is something to be thankful for. He and the late Ashraful Haque as the limping partner in crime are the main two things to anticipate in this spine-chiller which is genuine, at its heart, a comic drama.

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Details

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Cast & Crew

Sachin Agarwal, Zakir Hussain, Sezal Sharma, Deepans Garge

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Genre

Drama, Thriller

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Time

1 hr 47 mins

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Date

21 Sep 2018

Game Paisa Ladki Movie Cinema

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