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Ishqeria Movie Synopsis

A dated, sappy sentimental flick that neglects to associate with the group of onlookers

Ishqeria Movie Short Story

Kuhu (Richa Chadha) adores Raghav (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is way out of her association. This film indicates how their relationship unfurls over a time of 7 years.

Ishqeria Movie Review

On the off chance that a young lady charms a person, and lies a bit when she does it, should a person feel awful when he discovers she did that? All things considered, all are reasonable in adoration and war, correct? This is the principle commence of Ishqueria, coordinated by debutant movie producer Prerna Wadhwan. While some may state that it's alright in the event that she takes the help of her lady buddies to get the man she had always wanted, Neil Nitin Mukesh's Raghav suspects something. He gets so harmed by the reality, that he leaves the nation for good. In any case, before he leaves, he weds the young lady also. Watch the film to make sense of how that functions.

Ishqeria Movie Full Story

The best piece of the film is the fellowship between Kuhu (Richa Chadha) and her lady friends. The noisy mouthed Lovely played by Jubi Devasia particularly emerges and gives some truly necessary lighthearted element in this show runs high on feeling. Richa Chadha as the joyful young lady who is head over foot sole areas in adoration is persuading. Neil, then again, as the lastingly sulking sweetheart kid isn't to such an extent. His character is composed out as a man who feels wronged by the world.

Regarding the plot, there isn't a ton occurring here. The non-straight story is confounding and is utilized to influence an unmistakably basic story to appear to be sensational. When relatable romantic tales administer the perch, this one appears like a repackaged gooey 90s flick. The music, as well, with fascinating vocals, does little to hoist your spirits. In the event that sappy romantic comedies are your thing, have a go.

Ishqeria Movie Details

Ishqeria Movie Cast & Crew

Prerna Wadhawan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Richa Chadha, Bani J

Ishqeria Movie Genre

Drama, Romance, Comedy

Ishqeria Movie Time

1 hr 58 mins

Ishqeria Movie Date

21 Sep 2018

Ishqeria Movie Cinema

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