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5 Weddings Movie Synopsis

A film that endeavors to juggle the engaging point with a social reason which doesn't work.

5 Weddings Movie Short Story

An American writer goes to India where she conquers her very own second thoughts about the way of life, the general population and finds more than she had would have liked to.

5 Weddings Movie Review

Shanaya Singh (Nargis Fakhri) isn't a fanatic of Indian weddings, India as a place or her dad. In any case, life gives her a troublesome hand where she needs to travel to Chandigarh to cover not one, but rather five weddings on the off chance that she needs the best employment at her design magazine. To add to her problem, her mom requests that her track her dad, who left them when Shanaya was a young lady and convey a package to him. Like a decent correspondent and a loyal little girl, she does what needs to be done and travels to India where she finds Harbhajan Singh (Rajkummar Rao), a cop appointed to contact with her and stops her in the event that she ventures out of line and documents a negative story. It might be difficult to venture out of line covering weddings for a design magazine, however, Shanaya happens to risk upon the heartbroken way that transgender or Hijras are treated in India and chooses to compose a basic piece on it.

5 Weddings Movie Full Story

It would have worked out better had the movie producer concentrated on one Indian wedding rather than five in light of the fact that the numbers don't add a considerable measure to the plot other than a couple of episodes. Shanaya implants herself freely with the weddings which make the story appears to be less acceptable. She is likewise not demonstrated investing much energy with the transgender network to get any solid story which she is indicated composing.

The science among Nargis and Rajkummar is unconvincing. While effortlessly Rajkummar pulls off his job as a cop who is torn between his affection and his work, Nargis doesn't convey much to the table. The music is common Punjabi pop blended with some society, however, doesn't include much esteem. The film attempts to juggle the engaging edge with a social reason which doesn't work. With a guessable plot and a wandering storyline, going to these '5 weddings' ends up being an overwhelming undertaking.

5 Weddings Movie Details

5 Weddings Movie Cast & Crew

Namrata Singh Gujral, Nargis Fakhri, Rajkummar Rao, Bo Derek

5 Weddings Movie Genre

Comedy, Romance, Drama

5 Weddings Movie Time

1 hrs 39 mins

5 Weddings Movie Date

26 Oct, 2018

5 Weddings Movie Cinema

English, Hindi
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