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Ezhumin Movie Synopsis

Ezhumin, however, offers some important advice about the wellbeing of youngsters and ladies, is excessively sermonizing on occasion. Generally speaking, Ezhumin has just little to offer.

Ezhumin Movie Short Story

A couple of kids who are capable of combative techniques are seized by a group of goons to prevent them from taking an interest in a games rivalry. The children utilize all their capacity to spare their lives

Ezhumin Movie Review

As the title recommends, the film advances the need to gain from disappointments. An anticipated family dramatization which makes them intrigue activity scenes in peak, the motion picture has just the same old thing new to offer. Vishwanathan (Vivekh) and Bharathi (Devayani) are a glad couple whose life spins around their child Arjun, who is into boxing. Very disillusioned with the shamefulness looked by his companions who got disheartened to seek after hand to hand fighting, he longs for beginning a games foundation for underprivileged youngsters.

Ezhumin Movie Full Story

At some point, Arjun, while taking an interest in a boxing competition, tumbles down unwittingly and later capitulates to death. His folks, the disheartened couple, begin a games institute in memory of their solitary child. They give admissions to poor youngsters and give quality preparing to them. Very irritated by this, Sundaram (Azhagam Perumal), who heads the Tamil Nadu Sports Academy Association, incubates an arrangement to vanquish the offspring of Arjun sports foundation from winning in local and state-level competitions. He arranges his cohorts to abduct the youngsters after which Vishwanathan faces the rage of their folks who were at first hesitant to send children to the institute. Vishwanathan looks for assistance from his companion Rajasekar (Premkumar), a cop, to locate the missing youngsters. Be that as it may, the youngsters astound the criminals with their aptitude in hand to hand fighting.

Vivekh thinks of a decent execution and scores high in an inwardly charged scene. The youngsters keep the group of onlookers occupied with numerous scenes in view of their energetic activity. Different on-screen characters are alright in their particular jobs. The film, however, offers some pertinent advice about the wellbeing of youngsters and ladies, is excessively long-winded now and again. Generally, Ezhumin has just little to offer.

Ezhumin Movie Details

Ezhumin Movie Cast & Crew

V. P. Viji, Vivek, Devayani, Dileepan

Ezhumin Movie Genre

Drama, Action

Ezhumin Movie Time

1 hrs 50 mins

Ezhumin Movie Date

18 Oct, 2018

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