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Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Synopsis

Hi, Guru Prema Kosame is a perfect performer that may not astound you much but rather gives a valid justification to hit theaters for the celebration occasions.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Short Story

A working-class kid Sanju (Ram) from Kakinada comes to Hyderabad for his IT work. While he remains in the place of a family companion Vishwanath (Prakash Raj) in the city, Sanju succumbs to his little girl Anupama soon. Pressure wins in the house. However, the affinity among Sanju and Vishwanath guarantees some fun and here's an anticipated landscape that is any way charming for a watcher.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Review

No other kind of enchants like family performers for the bubbly season and Hello Guru Prema Kosame makes great utilization of its planning. Set in a carefree vein generally, despite the fact that peppered with a staple realistic blend of working-class assessments and sentiment, the film has a decent offer of shines to keep you locked in.

Hi, Guru Prema Kosame underwrites that average white collar class dream, of a kid from a little town who isn't willing to move out of his usual range of familiarity, yet is compelled to do as such for his folks. This film takes this figure of speech to another level and even has a melody on how nothing beats your 'local place'. Sanju from Kakinada comes to Hyderabad in lieu of a comfortable activity and remains in an administration work holder Vishwanath's home in the city. Indeed, even before Sanju gets along with his IT partner, the adolescent hits a solid affinity with a substantially senior Vishwanath. The person additionally has a weakness for his girl Anupama, putting their condition in a dilemma. There's perplexity among fascination and love, a conflict among kinship and bigger great, these are the minutes that encourage great cut of-life humor.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Full Story

Romantic comedies relax while lauding male love and depicting the young lady's dad as a simple defender who generally isn't on pleasant terms with the girl's future. The film investigates both these closures of affection with equivalent consideration. Discourses among Sanju and Vishwanath toss light on age hole, how the methodology of a companion and a dad varies with regards to cherish, in a humorous vein. There's no lecturing to what's right side and wrong, there are just discourses. Indeed, even in the peak where the executive could have taken the less demanding course to strike a partnership between its lead performing artists, he guarantees 'good judgment' wins.

Feeling and amusingness both get enough space in the story and gratefully, the two viewpoints don't get weakened. The IT-work scene is a giggle mob in any case. Slam keeps a firm beware of his 'vivacious star' picture and shows the limitation in the need of great importance. His comic planning shows signs of improvement film after film and there's a glimmer in his eyes as he depicts his darling picture to the handle. Be that as it may, it would seem that Prakash Raj had a great time among the pack. Strolling the tightrope among misrepresentation and nuance with his diversion, Prakash Raj once more shows why he's a standout amongst the most significant performers around. Keen exchanges and the nonappearance of acting guides him and the film as well. However, the 'to principle primary' among Ram and Prakash Raj may drive you up the wall for some time.

Anupama stands her ground in spite of being in a content that for the most part investigates the male psyche and shows she can groove well as well. Pranitha was never known her substantial parts before and her minuscule job in Hello Guru.. excessively doesn't encourage her case. Devi Sri Prasad's music that appeared disappointing preceding the film's discharge works better on-screen, most melodies are envisioned and executed well. Trinadha Rao Nakkina, the executive conveys a spotless performer that may not shock you much but rather gives a valid justification to hit theaters for the celebration occasions.

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Details

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Cast & Crew

Trinadha Rao Nakkina, Ram Pothineni, Anupama Parameswaran, Pranitha Subhash

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Genre

Comedy, Romance

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Time

2 hrs 25 mins

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Date

18 Oct, 2018

Hello Guru Prema Kosame Movie Cinema

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