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Maal Road Dilli Movie


Maal Road Dilli Movie Synopsis

An unfunny film that exclusively relies upon the unrefined and foul for the jokes.

Maal Road Dilli Movie Short Story

An anecdote around four single guys and how they move between different misadventures as they battle to bring home the bacon in Delhi.

Maal Road Dilli Movie Review

The main associate between the title and the film is the way that the four unhitched males in the film inhabit Maal Road, in Delhi, or, in other words, a region where single men remain. The companions in the film Baljit (Rohin Robert), Karan (Atul Srtiva) and Abhijeet (Samarth Shandilya), are on the whole normal white-collar class working men with terrible love lives except for Nitin. His adoration life is shaking given the way that he has an unfaltering sweetheart Pooja (Sonia Kaur). Only three months short of their marriage, Pooja gets an offer to walk the incline and turn into a supermodel. She takes it on and goes to Mumbai which has Karan turned out to be anxious. His most noticeably awful supports are acknowledged when she says a final farewell to him when he goes to Mumbai and slaps around Pooja's supervisors and colleagues more than once. 

Maal Road Dilli Movie Full Story

The way that it's a film dependent on Delhi, you trust that at any rate the discoursed will be fun and mirror the kind of the city. What you get rather are mushy, misanthrope and misogynist cite in a film that is purportedly about ladies strengthening. The exhibitions are feeble as is the story. The movie producer isn't sure whether he needs the film to be about adoration or about the fun and skip that single men enjoy. There have been films made on a less fatty spending that looks great. In any case, Maal Road Dilli bombs pitiably on that include, particularly the scenes where Pooja is indicated strolling a CGI incline.

Maal Road Dilli Movie Details

Maal Road Dilli Movie Cast & Crew

Atul Sriva, Samarth Shandilya, Kumar Jeet

Maal Road Dilli Movie Genre

Drama, Comedy

Maal Road Dilli Movie Time

2 hrs 25 mins

Maal Road Dilli Movie Date

12 Oct, 2018

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