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Natakam is a film that is difficult to like.

Natakam Movie Short Story

Bala Koteswara Rao (Ashish Gandhi) is a lungi-clad alcoholic who lives in the town of Chintalapudi. He goes gaga for Parvati (Ashima Narwal) the moment he sees her. She appears to respond to his adoration yet who is she and why he has never observed her in the town?

Natakam Movie Review

Natakam is a film that is difficult to like, seeing as how it takes perpetually to build up the motivation behind why the story has any of the components it does. Koti, the hero of this story, grows up without a mother with simply his similarly alcoholic dad for the organization. At the point when in a flinch commendable scene, it's uncovered that he has a stage mother and a stepsister; it takes him a while to warm up to them. He even carries on brutishly with the two ladies at first and sees no reason for his sister notwithstanding completing her degree. Obviously, he before long observes the mistake of his ways and starts adoring his stepmom like his own.

It anyway requires him positively no investment to begin to look all starry eyed at an irregular more abnormal he happens to see strolling by, named Parvati. Why Parvati too responds his adoration quickly and appears to be more than willing to be a piece of his life is a puzzle that is unraveled toward the end. Be that as it may, does Natakam make you care enough about Koti and Parvati to be astonished or distressed when the 'turn' of the story comes through? It doesn't. What it does rather is string together apparently irregular successions to frame a film filled with plot openings.

Natakam Movie Full Story

Koti appears to experience the ill effects of a gigantic god complex and be the guardian angel of everybody in the town regardless of his brutish nature, and it's a point that is driven home on numerous occasions all through the film. At the point when a couple of young ladies from the town don't return home from school, it doesn't jump out at anybody to consider the police or shape a hunting party. They simply hold up for them to return home. Obviously, Koti is around to spare the day, if just for his sweetheart Parvati. The way that his sister too goes to school and probably won't have returned home is something he doesn't appear to care the slightest bit about.

On the opposite side of the story is a track including a Dandupalyam style posse who loot individuals before murdering them and the apparently wasteful police endeavoring to seize a group. The way in which the police zero down on the way that the pack has fifteen individuals is so chuckle commendable; it would be amusing on the off chance that it wasn't intended to be taken in a genuine vein. What's likewise snicker commendable is to what extent the film takes at making a point, however, makes it unimaginably simple for Koti to slaughter each of the 15 of these 'fatal' executioners in one go. A court scene including the hero is another that appears to exist to make a joke of the legal framework.

With two stories like that close by meshed into one, one would anticipate that the film will get intriguing sooner or later, moving past the shallow dramatization. However, it doesn't, not notwithstanding when a heavenly component is gotten. What the film likewise fizzles at is blending the two its tracks consistently, leaving spiked gaps open. Ashish Gandhi does his best to act out through his scraggly hair and facial hair, yet his character Koti is a troublesome one to associate with. Ashima just appears to exist to go about as an impetus to Koti's story and completes a sufficiently reasonable activity of playing the Langa-voni clad maiden in-trouble. In the event that just the couple had a superior film to act in!

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Natakam Movie Cast & Crew

Kalyanji Gogana, Ashish Gandhi, Ashima Narwal

Natakam Movie Genre

Action, Romance

Natakam Movie Time

2 hrs 2 mins

Natakam Movie Date

28 Sep 2018

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