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The political scenes are the film's qualities; truth be told, its solitary qualities. The enthusiastic dramatization between the characters is very frail.

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Sitting boss priest Vinodhan (Nasser), who is confronting detainment in an unlawful resources case, makes his child, Varun (Vijay Deverakonda) the brief CM until his arrival. The uninvolved young fellow step by step awakens to the heartbroken situation and attempts to acquire a change.

Nota Movie Review

The underlying set-up of NOTA is really like the one in Bharat Ane Nenu, where the hesitant child of the main pastor needs to assume control over the mantle from his dad. Indeed, even their family set-up is comparative. He is the child of the principal spouse, who is no more, and dwells in London. There are a stage mother and an exceptionally youthful kin. However, there the examination closes. For, Varun isn't a romantic like Bharat. The first occasion when we see him, he is celebrating like there's no tomorrow. When he is informed that he should assume control as the central clergyman, he comments he doesn't know who the senator is. At the point when the senator gets some information about the arrangement of his clergymen, he is confused. What's more, he needs another person to dress him up in dhoti, that trademark outfit of a legislator.

More than the possibility of running the state, what stresses him more are the flex blocks that host been put by his gathering men. One has his shaking hands with Donald Trump, and another sees him spruced up as Baahubali. What's more, he is made a fuss over his companions transforming these into images on Facebook!

The plot is about how this ecstatic youth understands his responsibilities and represents the welfare of the general population. In any case, NOTA doesn't tissue out this change bit by bit, giving us scenes that demonstrate the advancement of this character. All we get is one scene - a catastrophe that is arranged in a cursory way - to demonstrate to us that Varun is somebody who thinks about others. We do get a trace of this prior when we are informed that he deals with a couple of vagrant kids, however, what truly makes us become tied up with Varun's newly discovered development is Vijay Deverakonda's guaranteed execution. The film denotes his Tamil presentation, however, the on-screen character completes a skilled activity; there is almost no of the slang that we find in performing artists from different states, however, his regulation needs a little work

Nota Movie Full Story 

The political scenes, some of which review Mudhalvan, are the film's qualities; truth be told, its solitary qualities. For, the passionate show between the characters is very frail. The central explanation behind this is the characters, including Varun, are endorsed. Anand Shankar continues giving us promising leads - a main clergyman who is alluded to as Rowdy CM, a political rival (Sanchana Natrajan, noteworthy) who is similarly youthful and all the more plotting, an instructor (Sathyaraj, in a Cho-like character) who could have a more close to home enthusiasm for Varun - however he doesn't finish them. Shockingly, the film clutches a disclosure about the connection between this advisor and Vinodhan until the peak, when we effectively get it right in the scene when it is first acquired. Rather, the executive gives additional time on a hawala point that is not really emotional. The absence of a solid foe, as well, results in a political dramatization that is less punchy than it ought to have been.

On the off chance that NOTA attempts to the degree it does, it is on the grounds that it unfurls like the features reel of the crazy political happenings that Tamil Nadu has been seeing in the course of the last a few years. Anand Shankar gives us a constant flow of references to contemporary political occasions - a main priest (his gathering functionaries bow so low before him that he stresses that they would get his face wrong when they introduce his statue!) confronting preliminary introducing an intermediary to protect his position, the flex board culture, the purposeful publicity that gatherings do with their particular channels, the Chennai surges, and the sticker discussion, the clinic show, the resort sham, a godman attempting to remote control the administration, et cetera. These minutes deservingly get the cheers, for, in them, we see an outlet to demonstrate our disappointments. We assumed to be happy with these burrows at contemporary legislative issues. While that is absolutely a low bar to clear, given these fierce occasions, it feels OK to become tied up with the dream of somebody tagging along and driving us towards a superior future.

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Nota Movie Cast & Crew

Anand Shankar, Vijay Deverakonda, Mehreen Pirzad, Sathyaraj

Nota Movie Genre

Drama Thriller

Nota Movie Time

2 hrs 30 mins

Nota Movie Date

04 Oct, 2018

Nota Movie Cinema

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
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