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Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Synopsis

'Amar Akbar Anthony' ends up being old wine in another container exacerbated by obliviousness. Be that as it may, watch this one in case you're a Ravi Teja or Ileana fan, simply don't expect excessively.

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Short Story

Amar (Ravi Teja) is a vexed man with requital in his veins because of a youth damaged by individuals his family trusted. Pooja, otherwise known as Aishwarya (Ileana) is his beloved companion who's similarly harmed and sits tight for his arrival with Jalal (Sayaji Shinde), a family companion. In any case, Amar and Aishwarya both appear to have an impossible to miss the issue that damages their life considerably further. Will they figure out how to beat it?

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review

Tollywood is by all accounts to a great degree entranced with taking logical disclosures or therapeutic sicknesses that are especially genuine and winding them into something different by effectively giving false data. On account of Amar Akbar Anthony, it is a dissociative character issue that is the person in question, alongside the crowd.

Amar (Ravi Teja) is discharged from jail in the wake of serving his multi-year sentence and the second he's out, he's baying for blood. Pooja (Ileana) is an occasion chief always annoyed by Miriyala (Vennela Kishore) who can't take no for an answer. Both the people have triggers that transform them into an entire distinctive individual, a lot to the embarrassment of everyone around them. Seeking after Amar and his trail of dead bodies is FBI officer Balwanth (Abhimanyu Singh); put on his tail by the plain individuals he's chasing down.

While this makes for an entrancing story without anyone else, there's likewise the banality emphasized Telugu speaking Akbar and suspiciously quiet Dr. Anthony to manage. But since that is likewise insufficient, we have a diverse of NRI characters who make up the WATA (World Andhra Telangana Association), a dark enchantment specialist Jr Paul (Satya) and a sequential card shark Bobby (Sunil) tossed into the overlay, aside from the four enemies who are investors of a pharma gathering. Phew!

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Full Story

While it is great that the film endeavors to keep up a genuine tone by leaving the character of Amar always protesting and Pooja ever thoughtful, given the subject, AAA strays significantly off the way when it additionally attempts to be an average business masala potboiler by infusing the great ol' tune and move and constrained parody at normal interims. The story is predictable to the point that in spite of the flashback being uncovered in odds and ends, one can measure precisely how it's everything going to turn out.

Consistency aside, Sreenu Vaitla is by all accounts making a decent attempt to reevaluate himself that the film appears to have a tone that is significantly befuddled. It's an alleviation to see a film that instantly bounces to the point without winding around and similarly calming to not see superfluous sentimental minutes constrained into a story about vengeance. Be that as it may, shockingly, the manner in which the entire film is sewed together does not appear to work, and not only because of the rough altering in parts. The dismal part is that by the end, one can even comprehend what the executive endeavored to pull off and fizzled at.

Ravi Teja conveys a decent execution as the engaged Amar who has nothing left to live for with the exception of requital, muddled now and again because of his sickness, and as the quiet Dr. Anthony. It is his execution as Akbar that appears to be constrained, for the most part, because of the manner in which it's composed. Ileana too makes her quality felt in restricted screen-time, looking ravishing as Aishwarya, even while kicking some significant butt. While Vennela Kishore, Sunil, and Satya are an enjoyment to watch on-screen, particularly when Sunil chooses to shake a leg, the manner in which they're embedded into the story appears to be futile and inorganic. Sayaji Shinde and Abhimanyu Singh are squandered in jobs where they don't have anything a lot to do, so are whatever is left of the cast. They all merited a superior screenplay. Thaman completed a sufficient activity with the BGM regardless of whether the melodies don't leave a check. The cinematography by Venkat C Dileep is great as well.

Tragically, before the end, the film just ends up being old wine in another jug exacerbated by numbness. However, watch this one in case you're a Ravi Teja or Ileana fan, simply don't expect excessively.

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Details

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Cast & Crew

Sreenu Vaitla, Ravi Teja, Ileana D Cruz, Sayaji Shinde

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Genre

Drama, Action

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Time

2 hrs 33 mins

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Date

16 Nov, 2018

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