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Chal Jaa Bapu Movie


Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Synopsis

While getting racketeers vigorously put resources into the universe of phony cash is a respectable idea, one just can't overlook the foolishness and languid composition of 'Chal Jaa Bapu'.

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Short Story

Conceived a conman, Ashu (Ashutosh Kaushik) figures out how to explore through the distinctive phases of his life by methods for duplicity, yet his fanaticism towards self-declared Godman (Zakir Hussain) hauls him into the universe of phony cash

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Review

A steady nagger of a spouse Pallavi (Hrishita Bhatt) bothers Ashu to get a genuine activity as opposed to approaching conning individuals. Also, after a bunch of gravely mistaken assumptions, gives him a final proposal to start thinking responsibly or else she will disjoin all ties with him forever. A hurt and on edge, Ashu swing to his master ji for better fortunes and life, and his life takes a sudden turn which essentially frames the essence of this horrendously long silly drama.

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Full Story

While getting peddlers intensely put resources into the universe of phony cash is an honorable idea, one basically can't overlook the pointlessness and apathetic composition of 'Chal Jaa Bapu'. Beyond any doubt, there were a couple of humorous punchlines had in at tantrums and begins, yet sans that, there is no genuine explanation behind us to spend cash for this easy decision.

The performers have either finished or under acted, the poor camerawork is too difficult to disregard and the length of this film can put even a restless person into profound rest. All things considered, kindly don't make motion pictures like 'Chal Jaa Bapu' except if you can differentiate between a dramatization venture in school and an undeniable Bollywood Hindi element film.

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Details

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Cast & Crew

Dedipya Joshii, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Zakir Hussain, Raju Kher

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Genre

Comedy, Drama, Family

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Time

2 hrs 35 mins

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Date

26 Oct, 2018

Chal Jaa Bapu Movie Cinema

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