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Kutte Ki Dum Movie


Kutte Ki Dum Movie Synopsis

A detailed exercise in how to not make a film.

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Short Story

Four useful to no end young fellows get involved in a circumstance that is out of their control and how they receive in return.

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Review

Really awful Hollywood movies like 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' and 'The Disaster Artist' are praised today for the measure of unusual and recoil they pressed. In any case, the equivalent can't be said for 'Kutte Ki Dum', which is such an out of body encounter that you won't know when the film begun, when it finished and exactly what was playing on your screen for a decent two hours. A manufacturing plant of awful exaggerating, the film is around three bums who are really rulers yet they search for a fast buck around the town. There are likewise some awful men hoping to get to the trio and plant a nectar trap as a youthful, wily young lady.

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Full Story

With no sound storyline, a terrible altering work and flinch commendable, misanthrope humor (there's where the folks are gazing at a lady's underpants that must be obscured by the blue pencils), 'Kutte Ki Dum' is an activity on the best way to not make a film. Tricking your companions by prescribing this would be a divine being one to settle the score with them.

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Details

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Cast & Crew

Sunil Patel, Jass Boparai, Tanya Daang, Jasbir Randhawa

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Genre

Drama, Comedy

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Time

2 hrs 24 mins

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Date

01 Nov, 2018

Kutte Ki Dum Movie Cinema

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