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Kavacham Movie Synopsis

Kavacham should fill in as a perfect suggestion to Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas that he needs to go past jackets, regalia and abroad shoots to make a decent film.

Kavacham Movie Short Story

A cop from Vizag winds up stuck when false charges are collected against him. He has 24 hours currently to demonstrate his guiltlessness. Will he have the capacity to get back the decent life he once had?

Kavacham Movie Review

Kavacham is named a high voltage activity spine chiller and is one in fact. The chief, however, takes the 'voltage' side of this kind more truly than alternate perspectives. It's a film watching knowledge that you'll recall for its high-decibel levels, gravity-opposing activity successions in the midst of an unnecessarily pounding foundation score. Regardless of whether the story appears to be fascinating on a specific dimension, the producer Sreenivas Mamilla appears to be progressively keen on making the saint wear shrewd tees, a sentiment the women in picturesque areas and have him whip the goons to a mash many sequences. The film is told through the eyes of an out and out cop Vijay (Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas) and his mind amusements with a mysterious baddie, who puts the previous in a spot in a snatching show.

The actioner is set in the midst of a Visakhapatnam setting and Vijay, the cop is raised by his mother. The 60s styled mother-child string starts the procedures and what pursues is a progression of standard battle groupings to set up the cop's genuineness. Also, Bellamkonda too isn't a performer known for his nuances, so you're somewhat alright with it. Vijay is enamored with a young lady (Samyuktha played by Kajal) who works at a coffeehouse. In the in the interim, a definitive defender (truly, Vijay's made to feel so) salvages an outsider from a bundle of goons. There's a flashback scene, a mishap, an arranged capture and in comes a quintessential curve. What you see isn't really what you get.

Kavacham Movie Full Story

The movie is particularly intriguing when the executive keeps a beware of the gallant side to the hero, which is obviously an irregularity. The spine chiller segments of Kavacham are promising in any case, however, it endeavors to get into 'Singam arrangement's mode regularly. The second-hour passages marginally better with the mind diversions among Vijay and the foe. It additionally accompanies Bellamkonda yelling 'police' after each scene and there are these enthusiastic endeavors to make him resemble a do-gooder. What's more, there's a jewel of an exchange that Vijay's mother expresses when Samyuktha uncovers her surname is Chaganti, "Chaganti doesn't search useful for a surname, for what reason don't you take a stab at something incredible like Deverakonda, Sirkonda or a Bellamkonda?"

Mehreen, fortunately, doesn't get the 'adorable young lady with a wail story' job and there's some authentic substance. In any case, Kajal goes up against the onus and there are the fanciful two-part harmonies that the Bellamkonda and she depression too, as though they were endeavors to give their ensemble planners more work. Neil Nitin Mukesh makes a decent attempt to convey an execution that brags of some atmosphere, however, winds up glimpsing increasingly smothered inside the business layout. Harshavardhan Rane and Ajay don't get much in their jobs either to convey a significant execution.

Kavacham should fill in as a perfect suggestion to Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas that he needs to go past coats, regalia and abroad shoots to make a decent film. The endeavors of the maker should've rather been put into the composition office here. Indeed, even following 10 years in the business, it's miserable that chiefs see Kajal Aggarwal just as a glitz doll sans substance. Kavacham is a shield that ought to rather be given to a watcher who endures this film.

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Kavacham Movie Cast & Crew

Sreenivas Mamilla, Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Kajal Aggarwal, Mehreen Pirzad

Kavacham Movie Genre

Action, Thriller

Kavacham Movie Time

2 hrs 23 mins

Kavachami Movie Date

07 Dec, 2018

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