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Looty Movie Synopsis

Chief Girish Kamplapur's endeavor to produce a spine-chiller by keeping a bank theft as the subject crashes and burns.

Looty Movie Short Story

What happens when a posse of companions plunder cash from a bank in Hyderabad only a couple of months before demonetization to have an extravagant existence? Will they prevail in their main goal or will they pay the piper for carrying out the wrongdoing?

Looty Movie Review

The plot is by all accounts clear since the word go, as each character in the film is behind cash - aside from the cops and a cloth picker. A posse effectively figures out how to ransack cash from a bank, however the pack scopes to the hands of a lady cloth picker, prompting a progression of misfortunes. Then again, there is another gathering having a cheerful existence by carrying out unimportant violations who become acquainted with about this stolen cash and furthermore wind up in the interest for the equivalent. In the meantime, a police squad driven by constant officer Durga Bhavani dispatches an enormous task as well. What pursues next is whatever is left of the plot.

Looty Movie Full Story

Chief Girish Kamplapur's endeavor to produce a spine-chiller by keeping a bank burglary as the subject crashes and burns. Maybe, in the event that he had focused more on theft task and on analytical point, it may be a superior watch. The story comes up short on the power to keep one on the edge of the seat. Unfavorable tunes neglect to make any effect either. The comic component too neglects to get the rest.

Khallas young lady Isha Koppikar makes a great come back to Sandalwood as the intense cop. She even sizzles on screen with a thing number. Swetha Pandit makes her quality felt. B Jayashree sparkles in her job as a cloth picker.

Looty Movie Details

Looty Movie Cast & Crew

Girish Kamplapur, Isha Koppikar, Kaddipudi Chandru, Sadhu Kokila

Looty Movie Genre

Comedy, Thriller

Looty Movie Time

1 hrs 58 mins

Looty Movie Date

30 Nov, 2018

Looty Movie Cinema

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