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Orange Movie Synopsis

Go watch this motion picture, which makes for a decent end of the week watch.

Orange Movie Short Story

Santhosh (Ganesh) arrives in prison for endeavoring to plunder a bank, as police presume that he is one among the pack individuals associated with the wrongdoing.

Orange Movie Review

After Santhosh is discharged from prison, he goes on a training venture, where he meets Radha (Priya Anand), who flees from home as her dad, Hulli Veeraiah (Avinash), needs her to get hitched. Radha takes this measure since she is enamored with Prashanth. Santhosh finds a khadga (gold bangle) that Radha was conveying; the khadga is intended to be given to Radha's better half. He at that point goes to Radha's home to return it. Considering the conditions under which Radha left home, her family accept that Santhosh is the man that Radha is enamored. Along these lines, they demand that he remains in their home till Radha returns.

At the point when Radha returns home, she finds that her family has acknowledged Santhosh as their child-in-law; this angers Radha. Santhosh prevails upon the family when he spares Hulli Veeraiah from Narasimha Nayaka (Devgill). Be that as it may, Radha needs Santhosh to go out at any expense so she can wed Prasanath.

Orange Movie Full Story

Prashanth additionally arrives up at the family's home. The plot takes a genuine turn after a theft, and with Narasimha, Nayaka plotting to convey unsavoriness to Hulli Veeraiah. In the long run, the inquiry is this - who will wed Radha? Prashanth or Santhosh?

Orange will take you on a rollercoaster ride. Chief Prashant Raj has concocted a decent content, which has the correct portion of satire, activity, and sentiment, which one can, as a rule, find in his movies. The film has all the business fixings to engage to a vast degree, however, it isn't without its defects. One feels that the motion picture could have been trimmed at spots, as it feels dull and unsurprising. Ganesh takes the motion picture a step higher with his spectacular execution. Priya Anand, in her second trip in Sandalwood, leaves an impression. Sadhu Kokila, Ravishankar and Rangayana Raghu abandon you in parts with their comic demonstrations. SS Thaman's music merits appreciation. This motion picture makes for a decent end of the week watch.

Orange Movie Details

Orange Movie Cast & Crew

Prashant Raj, Ganesh, Sadhu Kokila, Priya Anand

Orange Movie Genre

Drama, Comedy, Romance

Orange Movie Time

2 hrs 21 mins

Orange Movie Date

07 Dec, 2018

Orange Movie Cinema

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