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Battalion 609 Movie


Battalion 609 Movie Synopsis

This war drama has nothing new to offer

Battalion 609 Movie Short Story

So as to gain back a part of the land that was improperly obtained by the Pakistani Army, the Indian Army provokes them for a match of cricket and the triumphant group gets the chance to bring home the land while keeping up its country's pride.

Battalion 609 Movie Review

'Force 609' is a respectable endeavor to feature the incalculable penances Indian fighters make to secure our universal outskirts and power, however, the story-line is unrealistic and even ludicrous on a few events. Other than the somewhat tolerable melodies and a feeling of nationalism that it plans to instill in the present age, this war dramatization has just the same old thing new to offer considering we have numerous works of art on this explicit subject.

Battalion 609 Movie Full Story

Likewise, the way that the motion picture is a 2 hour, 21 minutes tirade on a specific nation and depiction of it in terrible taste, is unsatisfactory. With everything taken into account, 'Legion 609' isn't the sort of story that effectively demonstrates the genuine valor of our Indian fighters as it is always taking corresponds at the neighboring country and tossing allegations at it that have not so far been demonstrated.

Battalion 609 Movie Details

Battalion 609 Movie Cast & Crew

Brijesh Batuknath Tripathi, Elena Kazan, Vicky Ahuja, Shoaib Ibrahim

Battalion 609 Movie Genre

Drama, Action, War

Battalion 609 Movie Time

2 hrs 21 mins

Battalion 609 Movie Date

11 Jan, 2019

Battalion 609 Movie Cinema

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