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Best Friends Movie Synopsis

Two friends of a similar sex search for additional in their relationship. In any case, will they discover their joyfully ever after?

Best Friends Movie Short Story

Undergrads Aakarshini and Srushti hail from various social foundations. Aakarshini is raised by her poor mother, while Srushti originates from a rich family, yet they both remain together.

Best Friends Movie Review

After some time, their relationship develops and they 'become hopelessly enamored', notwithstanding needing to wed one another.

The affection winged creatures are then removed from school after a video of them in trading off circumstance begins making the rounds. In any case, is their relationship truly what it is by all accounts?

Best Friends Movie Full Story

For reasons unknown, Srushti is the one captivated by Aakarshini and urgent to have an existence with her. When the issue winds up open, Aakarshini chooses to live with her mom, which incenses Srushti. What course does Aakarshini remove to get from the inconvenience? Does she live with Srushti or will she lead the existence her mom needs for her?

Closest Friends is Sandalwood's first lesbian film roused from a genuine occurrence, however, it neglects to have the correct effect. The subject might be out of the crate, yet it neglects to tick all the containers to keep one enamored. In the event that it had all the business components with the right screenplay, it would have had any kind of effect.

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Best Friends Movie Cast & Crew

Teshee Venkatesh, Dravya Shetty, Sumathi Patil, Saakshi Meghana

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Best Friends Movie Time

2 hrs 35 mins

Best Friends Movie Date

04 Jan, 2019

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