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Birbal Movie Synopsis

The film can be an intriguing watch for those looking for something other than what's expected amid their end of the week film excursion.

Birbal Movie Short Story

In 2000, a guiltless bar worker was surrounded as the fundamental blamed in an abhorrent homicide for a taxi driver. After eight years, a sharp and savvy legal advisor named Mahesh Dass lands this case and needs to help demonstrate the youth's honesty.

Birbal Movie Review

RJ-turned-movie producer turned-saint MG Srinivas makes his second excursion on the extra large screen with this spine-chiller. The primary excursion, Srinivasa Kalyana, was a fun romantic comedy stacked with witticisms that turned out to be mainstream with adolescents. This time, Srinivas has gone up against a spine-chiller and what he calls the first in his set of three arrangement. Has it ended up being similarly engaging? Truly, to an expansive degree, however one would have wished it were a bit shorter to guarantee the spine-chiller remained pacy directly through.

The film starts with a taxi driver, who is likewise a police witness. At the point when a blameless adolescent is confined in the homicide by cops to guarantee they close the case rapidly, it appears as though this is the finish of the case. Be that as it may, a shrewd youthful legal advisor appreciates the situation when he discovers that the denounced could be honest. Will he have the capacity to understand this dinky secret? Additionally, the long-winding account uncovers the thinking behind calling the film Birbal and who Vajramuni is, in the long run.

Birbal Movie Full Story

There is something to seek after when youthful movie producers steerage whodunnit puzzles with a noir contact to them. This film begins a similar way. The film has some peculiar methods for the story, yet one really want to ponder towards the finish of the film whether the film is somewhat longer than it should be. What's more, it isn't the length alone - one additionally is left thinking about whether the drag is on the grounds that the producer has chosen to improve the group of onlookers' comprehension of the plot by spelling everything out instead of leaving something to them to translate.

While the length of the film may turn out to be an obstacle, the film compensates for that in its throwing. Everybody appears to accommodate their parts well. Srinivas, Sujay Shastry and Vineeth merit an uncommon notice. The film makes them intrigue minutes that emerge. A little more tightly altering and screenplay would have raised those. However, the film can be a fascinating watch for those looking for something other than what's expected amid their end of the week film trip.

Birbal Movie Details

Birbal Movie Cast & Crew

MG Srinivas, Madhusudhan Rao, Suresh Heblikar, Ravi Bhat

Birbal Movie Genre

Drama, Crime, Thriller

Birbal Movie Time

2 hrs 43 mins

Birbal Movie Date

18 Jan, 2019

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