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Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Synopsis

Despite the fact that the film gives chuckles in specific groupings, of course, the rationale goes for a hurl a few times.

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Short Story

A marriage is stuck in an unfortunate situation as the prepare sends a damaging message to the lady of the hour affected by liquor. Will be ready to spare the wedding?

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Review

Shakthi Chidhambaram's Charlie Chaplin, which discharged multiple and a half-decade back, had sufficient situational comedies, connecting with execution from its lead cast and a persuading plot. Charlie Chaplin 2 is like the previous in two cases; one, the nearness of Prabhu Deva and Prabhu and two, the various confounding circumstances.

Thiru (Prabhu Deva), who works in a marriage department, has effectively made counterparts for 99 weddings with the assistance of his partners (Arvind Akash and Chandana Raj). His folks now what him to get hitched, and he inevitably experiences passionate feelings for Sara (Nikki), the girl of Ramakrishnan (Prabhu). On knowing this, Sara, as well, communicates her advantage and the stage is set for their wedding.

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Full Story

Be that as it may, things take a sudden turn when Raja (Vivek), Thiru's companion, advised him to cancel the wedding as he is suspicious of Sara's conduct. He delivers a proof also to demonstrate his point. A disillusioned Thiru makes an impression on Sara communicating his reluctance in taking the marriage forward. Then, another young lady, Saara (Adah), as well, enters the start. What pursues further structures whatever remains of the story.

The movie has an old, yet not all that terrible setup, which is taken forward by the executive during a time old recipe. There are a couple of minutes which work, because of the execution of Prabhu Deva, who conveys the motion picture on his shoulders. Nikki, Prabhu, and Adah do their part perfectly. Vivek and Ravi Mariya's essence bring out chuckling in a few scenes.

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Details

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Cast & Crew

Sakthi Chidambaram, Prabhudeva, Nikki Galrani, Adah Sharma

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Genre

Comedy, Drama

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Time

2 hrs 07 mins

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Date

25 Jan, 2019

Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Cinema

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