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Venkatesh is in full frame here, sparing the film from sinking into obscurity.

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Short Story

Venky (Venkatesh) weds Harika (Tamannaah) with high any desires for driving an upbeat wedded life. (Varun Tej) adores Harika's sister Honey (Mehreen Pirzada) and gets drew into her in light of a similar goal. However, what happens when the men acknowledge they're in an ideal situation as unhitched males?

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Review

With regards to humor, there's not one sort of it that'll stimulate everybody's interesting bone. Some like it inconspicuous, some droll, and after that, there are the individuals who like it situational, while others incline toward meals. But at the same time, there's the classification who love to giggle theirs distresses away with banality entertaining message advances about how troublesome conjugal life truly is. That is the classification Anil Ravipudi is apparently hoping to take advantage of with this film, which is loaded up with exchanges that genuinely do seem like finely tuned advances.

Venky (Venkatesh) is a vagrant searching for propositions to be engaged and is discovered appropriate by Harika (Tamannaah) in light of the fact that she's not hoping to wed into a family. (Varun Tej) is a joyful Telangana youth who is head-over-heels in affection with Harika's sister, the multi-gifted Honey (Mehreen Pirzada) for an entire walloping month before her family chooses to get them drew in and wedded before long. In any case, it's not soon before the Cobras (co-sibling in-laws) choose they're in an ideal situation without the ladies in their lives and choose to escape to another nation. In any case, what happens when the ladies choose to give them their very own essence medication?

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Full Story

The fundamental plot of the film has been done and tidied in Indian movies so often, there's truly nothing anybody can do to make it one of a kind. The principal half of the film appears as though one long rage by baffled men on how ladies dependably bother. The second half, which happens in Europe, is one incoherent chaos which gets more characters, including Prakash Raj who plays the ladies' family companion. Anil Ravipudi apparently depends on the cleverness part of the film to pull it through so much; he appears to have chosen to not put resources into fleshing out any of the characters. The men are generally guiltless unfortunate casualties falling prey to the annoying ladies they're hitched to, end of story. Rationale obviously goes for a hurl, which is fine observing as how the class itself doesn't call for much.

The uplifting news is that as it may, is that Venkatesh is in full shape here, mouthing even the most adage jokes with truthfulness and panache; you can't resist the urge to wind up giggling along. He contributes with his exchange conveyance as well as even the non-verbal communication and articulations. Varun Tej then again conveys a sincere execution, resembling a million bucks as well as standing his ground in a film he could without much of a stretch suffocate in. It is just his Telangana emphasize that is a mellow put off, seeing as how he's sadly joined by Priyadarshi at first, who's a genius at conveying even the easiest lines in Telangana with pizazz. Tamannaah and Mehreen, who don't get presentation titles like the previous two do, make the best of what they're advertised. Mehreen is specific brings her character through despite the fact that it's so natural to influence her to appear exaggeration ish. The pitiful part, however, is in spite of the sufficient screen-time they're given, the center is by all accounts around sporadically flaunting their 'charm' by wearing them in wobbly sarees, undergarments or even swimming outfits. Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore, Jhansi, Rajendra Prasad, and co nail their jobs if just they had a superior story to rely upon.

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F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Cast & Crew

Anil Ravipudi, Venkatesh Daggubati, Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Genre

Comedy, Drama

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Time

2 hrs 28 mins

F2: Fun And Frustration Movie Date

12 Jan, 2019

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