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Gini Helida Kathe Movie


Gini Helida Kathe Movie Synopsis

In the event that you are sufficiently valiant to watch through a film that is stacked with intemperate discoursed, at that point you could discover what happens in the long run.

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Short Story

Ganesh, knowns as Gini to his friends and family, is a taxi driver who drives the ecstatic existence with his companions. Enroute one of his outings to Kodagu, he portrays his romantic tale to his client.

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Review

The account of a common nearby kid who experiences passionate feelings for a young lady (who at first appears to be out of his group) with his mind and appeal is one that is told regularly. Gini Helida Kathe is another that joins the rundown. The USP of the film lies in the last half hour, in which the movie producer has included a curve that is intended to stun watchers. While this is fascinating to a degree, the somewhat long discourse fest that paves the way to this point appears to be very debilitating. One is left pondering whether the subject would have worked better as a short film because of this reason.

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Full Story

While there is the undeniable reference to the saint Gini portraying the story in the title, there is likewise a soothsayer, whose ginishastra has cautioned the legend to remain off adoration. In any case, the legend is resolved to content his own story. Will this move of his turn out to be destroyed? On the off chance that you are daring enough to watch through a film that is stacked with over the top discoursed, at that point, you could discover what happens in the end.

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Details

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Cast & Crew

Nagaraja Uppunda, Dev Rangabhoomi, Malathesh

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Genre

Comedy, Romance

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Time

2 hrs 18 mins

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Date

18 Jan, 2019

Gini Helida Kathe Movie Cinema

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