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One Less God Movie Synopsis

'One Less God' returns to Mumbai's 26/11 through this anecdotal story that flounders in a few territories however functions admirably enough all in all.

One Less God Movie Short Story

Visitors at Mumbai's Taj inn endeavor to endure an assault by psychological oppressors in 2008.

One Less God Movie Review

'One Less God' returns to the horrendous assaults on the notorious Taj Hotel through two focal points - one from the psychological militants' viewpoint, and the other from the visitors caught by them. While dependent on obvious occasions, both these points of view are fictionalized for the film. The visitors originate from various nationalities and foundations. Sean (Joseph Mahler Taylor) is an Irishman and is the nearest to a 'fundamental' character. Selim (Igor Kreyman) and Eda (Reilly O'Byrne-Inglis) are Turkish kin who constantly quarrel with one another. Destiny unites them with an Australian Jewish couple (Nathan Kaye and Nicole Fantl), alongside a couple of other heartbreaking spirits. In the meantime, an older granddad (Sukhraj Deepak) and his excellent girl Atiya (Mihika Rao) are caught in another room.

One Less God Movie Full Story

It is difficult to shake off the horrendous pictures rising up out of the 2008 assaults on the Taj. Executive Lliam Worthington mixes genuine film caught outside Mumbai's memorable milestone, alongside nerve-racking scenes from inside. Since the visitors are generally anecdotal, Worthington sets aside the opportunity to set up their backstories. While a portion of those, in the end, add to the story, a couple don't, and they just add to the film's run-time. Truth be told, one of the characters who doesn't have any setup conveys a portion of the film's most contacting minutes. Talking about which, the bend among Atiya and Gradda will undoubtedly pull on heartstrings, with both of them sharing a really charming relationship.

The exhibitions from the moderately obscure, yet adroit cast add to the pressure - there's no obvious hero, so it's difficult to anticipate who will endure the experience. The cinematography is likewise worth referencing, with some all around arranged and executed shots that drench you into the ruthlessness of the assaults. In any case, at that point, a few successions will, in general, go on longer than required, which weakens that effect. This is especially clear when the center movements to the two fear mongers and their unknown, unremarkable handler. As an introduction movie executive, Lliam Worthington wears numerous caps behind the camera - delivering, altering, and thoughtfully composing the story also. For this undertaking alone, his endeavors are exemplary despite the fact that he will in general drop one segment while juggling others. A key component is a basic message described toward the start and end of the film, which risks being marginally on-the-nose. 'One Less God' returns to Mumbai's 26/11 through this anecdotal story that wavers in a few territories, however, functions admirably enough in general.

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One Less God Movie Cast & Crew

Lliam Worthington, Joseph Mahler Taylor, Sukhraj Deepak, Kabir Singh

One Less God Movie Genre

Drama, Thriller

One Less God Movie Time

2 hrs 12 mins

One Less God Movie Date

18 Jan, 2019

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