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Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie 


Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Synopsis

With sugary sentiment, love dismissals and grounds battles, the producer has endeavored to douse the film with energetic flavor

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Short Story

The film spins around the school life of a gathering of youths who are music fans

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Review

Oru Caribbean Udayippu tosses light on solid companionship and connections of the adolescent. The chief of the film, A Joji, explores different avenues regarding a storyline that spins around grounds love and music.

The film opens with the youth of six adolescents, Kevin, Benson, Meenakshi, Govind, Ravi Shankar and Geethu who are impassioned music sweethearts. They grow up together lastly join a school where they get a presentation for their musical abilities.

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Full Story

Youthful performers, Rishi Prakash, Mareena Michael, Aneesh Menon, Musthafa, Nandhan Unni, Vishnu Vinay, Vishnu Govindhan and Mohammed Althaf, play the focal characters in this grounds film. All through the film, a gathering of people likewise gets the opportunity to see Sudani from Nigeria popularity Samuel Abiola Robinson, who is one of the individuals from the gathering. Supporting them are on-screen characters, Sreejith Ravi, Devan, Kochu Preman and Parvathi T.

With sugary sentiment, love dismissals and grounds battles, the movie producer have attempted to splash the film with young flavor and the plot demonstrates how the adoration for music is utilized as an apparatus by the adolescent to beat their obstacles throughout everyday life.

Be that as it may, aside from a couple of sentimental melody numbers and funny lines, the film doesn't offer more to the group of onlookers for excitement. The film doesn't present any crisp component for the watchers to the esteem in the wake of leaving the theater. The storyline also isn't charming and the whole course is progressively reasonable for a short film. With a few youth-related old hat portions, the film comes up short on a decent base for a charming motion picture.

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Details

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Cast & Crew

A. Joji, Samuel Abiola Robinson, Mareena Michael Kurisingal, Aneesh G Menon

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Genre

Comedy, Drama

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Time

2 hrs 11 mins

Oru Caribbean Udayippu Movie Date

11 Jan, 2019

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