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Tara Anuradha (Nithya) is a dubious author. Her book Music of Freedom is being talked about by numerous individuals for its fearless composition. In the wake of becoming acquainted with about a spooky house in the good countries, Tara chooses to respond to a call. What pursues next structures whatever is left of the

Praana Movie Short Story

Tara Anuradha's book Music of Freedom has sought discussion for her perspectives on the opportunity. The author, who faces dangers from fundamentalists, chooses to remain in a spooky house to test the idea of spirits and phantoms.

Praana Movie Review

Is it true that one is extremely free in this present society? Tara Anuradha, an effective author, and an autonomous lady is in a performance voyage to locate the importance of opportunity. The author, who challenges fundamentalists and dithers to take police assurance in the wake of distributing her dubious book Music of Freedom, inadvertently peruses news about a spooky house in good countries. Fearless and brave, Tara (sanctioned by Nithya Menen), who has been longing for a break, lives in that house. She starts her to stay by settling three cameras in the attracting space to record the happenings in the house and furthermore to see whether apparitions truly exist. The single-character motion picture advances as she begins scrutinizing the possibility of opportunity and narrow mindedness in the general public.

The idea of a motion picture with one character promptly triggers interest as it is continually intriguing to make sense of how one individual can adequately figure out how to hold the consideration of the group of onlookers for the term of the film. For that, the motion picture should depend totally on the shoulders of that one performing artist. Nithya as Tara does it. Her character curiously speaks with the world utilizing diverse properties, for example, toys, phone, TV, musings, words, books and now and then even lights.

Praana Movie Full Story

The blend of very much made visuals of PC Sreeram, moving sound structure by Resul Pookutty, a settled, claustrophobic and confined setting, and VK Prakash's bearing has cooperated to make a correct air. Most importantly, it is the execution of Nithya Menen, as the performance of the human character in the film that hoists the motion picture's standard.

She greatly fills the screen and takes the gathering of people alongside for the whole 120-minute length, boring the obligation of raising and diminishing the tension as important.

In any case, Praana can be a genuine precedent for how a motion picture that has the best-specialized team can disillusion with a powerless content. The exchanges and content are feeble to the point that the whole exertion of the group goes futile. The beneath standard Malayalam utilized by the visual media in the film, which is a conspicuous character, is discouraging. Likewise, Tara, an Indian-English author is being compelled to talk exacting Malayalam, which makes it clumsy for both the character and the gathering of people.

Clearly, a motion picture like Praana isn't anything but difficult to accomplish. Henceforth, the story more likely than not been developed so as to hold the consideration, and to keep the gathering of people who have put resources into the character, their circumstance, and its result. The film, however at first, clarifies the possibility of the character living alone, enhances the parts of pressure, show, and segregation in the long run yet then neglects to keep up the required energy.

Praana Movie Details

Praana Movie Cast & Crew

V.K. Prakash, Nithya Menen, Suresh Raj, Praveen S Kumar

Praana Movie Genre

Thriller, Horror

Praana Movie Time

1 hrs 47 mins

Praana Movie Date

18 Jan, 2019

Praana Movie Cinema

Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam
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