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Rather than profiting by its affable cast the still shocking Jennifer Lopez to make a fun, windy and carefree romantic comedy, the film resorts to offending your knowledge, particularly in its 'second Act'.

Second Act Movie Short Story

Maya (Jennifer Lopez) has gone through 15 years working at a store. She finds the opportunity to demonstrate her road smarts when she handles a top of the line job at a healthy skin firm.

Second Act Movie Review

Maya (Jennifer Lopez) is a secondary school dropout searching for a major profession change. She realizes her opposition is very taught B-school graduates, so it comes as a tremendous shock when she handles the job of a generously compensated specialist at a healthy skin firm. Maya trusts this is a direct result of her capacity to comprehend shopper needs dependent on her long stretches of cooperations with genuine clients. Be that as it may, she before long understands this is on the grounds that her godson made a phony personality for her with an intricate history and training foundation. Presently Maya must profess to be somebody she isn't while attempting to substantiate herself.

Second Act Movie Full Story

While the 'phony it till you make it' setup has been done before in Hollywood, 'Second Act' draws from the statement 'the special case who can stop you is yourself'. To convey this relatable preface, executive Peter Segal utilizes the film's greatest quality - the obvious appeal of Jennifer Lopez. Whatever remains of the cast is additionally all around used with satisfying exhibitions from essentially the whole cast including Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini, Treat Williams, Milo Ventimiglia, and Charlyne Yi. In spite of the fact that it experiences some standard beats that aren't actually creative, the cast makes it sensibly engaging till a point. Be that as it may, at that point it tosses a completely extraordinary wind en route; set up with the regular exchange to make it unsurprising. The movie at that point takes off in an alternate heading, while at the same time endeavoring to capitalize on the contort.

The parody generally works, however, there are some odd decisions, one of which is around reviling that reliably neglects to divert. The screenplay switches forward and backward from satire to show, with sentiment tossed in to guarantee all the essential boxes are ticked exclusively with the expectation of making this a romantic comedy. Indeed, even the peak is arranged to be warm and fluffy at the expense of being certifiable. Rather than profiting by its agreeable cast the still electrifying Jennifer Lopez to make a fun, blustery and cheerful romantic comedy, the film at last hotels to offending your knowledge, particularly in its 'second Act'.

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Second Act Movie Cast & Crew

Peter Segal, Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia

Second Act Movie Genre

Romance, Comedy

Second Act Movie Time

1 hrs 44 mins

Second Act Movie Date

11 Jan, 2019

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