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Swartharatna Movie Synopsis

The film has a lot of senseless jokes and labels for those that appreciate the admission.

Swartharatna Movie Short Story

Adarsh is a conceited whelp who never thinks about anybody. When he meets the young lady he had always wanted, he starts to change. Similarly, as he understands she is enamored with him as well, she vanishes. Adarsh turns into a benevolent individual, carrying on with the optimistic life that his fantasy young lady needed things any expectation of winning her eternity.

Swartharatna Movie Review

There was some interest with respect to this movie, particularly since the producer co-coordinated First Rank Raju. This story guaranteed to be one more comic performer, with a peculiar legend as its face. Lamentably, the story may appear to have its heart in its place, however, the account and the conflicting exhibitions by the leads don't encourage the film. 

Swartharatna Movie Full Story

The story is somewhat normal if one somehow managed to take a gander at it, where the legend abandons a narrow-minded whelp to a perfect individual, much like the significance of his name. The comic tracks and beneficial storylines make the film a dull story to persist before its finish. This is the place the film neglects to establish a connection, notwithstanding starting on a decent note. 

The film has a lot of senseless jokes and labels for those that appreciate the admission. Be that as it may, the message that the producers need to pass on is by all accounts lost in the long-winding portrayal.

Swartharatna Movie Details

Swartharatna Movie Cast & Crew

Ashwin Kodange, Sadhu Kokila, Ramesh Bhat, Sudha Belawadi

Swartharatna Movie Genre

Comedy, Romance

Swartharatna Movie Time

1 hrs 54 mins

Swartharatna Movie Date

28 Dec, 2018

Swartharatna Movie Cinema

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