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Gahana Movie Synopsis

Gahana had its heart in the opportune spot. In the event that just the creators had picked a superior methodology.

Gahana Movie Short Story

Ananya is a school goer living in Coorg. She starts encountering powerful encounters around her as dead individuals conversing with her. What is the reason? Additionally, will she have the capacity to keep an eye on the supplications for assistance from the dead?

Gahana Movie Review

Gahana tries to be numerous stories in one. It starts by being a fun, adolescent film, at that point changes to being a frightfulness story. Before long, the story transforms into a homicide secret and it, in the end, winds up being a social analysis. While a film endeavoring to accomplish so much may appear to be great, Gahana's concern lies in the way that the content doesn't work with its aggressive nature.

Gahana Movie Full Story

The story in the second half has its a contort in the story that is obviously propelled by the Aarushi murder case. The film could have likely worked better if the producers had focused on one single string and class, as opposed to endeavoring to pack in a lot in the account that is well under two hours. The cast appears to be somewhat a beginner in their acting, which doesn't work in the film's support.

Gahana is a film that had its heart immovably in the perfect spot by endeavoring to discuss a specific issue. On the off chance that just the creators had picked a superior way to deal with offer the equivalent.

Gahana Movie Details

Gahana Movie Cast & Crew

Preith Hassan, Adhithya Shetty, Sharanya Gowda

Gahana Movie Genre

Drama, Thriller

Gahana Movie Time

1 hrs 50 mins

Gahana Movie Date

15 Feb, 2019

Gahana Movie Cinema

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