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Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Synopsis

There is not really any huge clash, so Kanne Kalaimaane feels like a pleasant show about amiable characters.

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Short Story

The principal hour or so of Seenu Ramasamy's Kanne Kalaimaane regularly feels like a downplayed endeavor at propping up the picture of its driving man, Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Review

The performing artist plays Kamalakannan, a rancher who is into natural cultivating. He is an obedient child, who won't do anything against his dad (Poo Ram, strong) or grandma's (Vadivukkarasi, trustworthy) wishes. He makes the correct clamors about issues, similar to rancher suicides and NEET. He is likewise a do-gooder, who regularly takes advances for the poor in his town. It is this nature of his that gets him into the issue with Bharathi (Tamannaah, who puts forth a valiant effort, however, her lines do not have the common stream and sound practiced), the new chief of the nearby agreeable bank. Bharathi, who botches Kamalakannan for a wilful defaulter at first, learns of his great side, and step by step, the two experience passionate feelings for. Be that as it may, will Kamalakannan's family, particularly his grandma, acknowledge a young lady who isn't from their locale?

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Full Story

For just about 66% of Kanne Kalaimaane, there is not really any noteworthy clash, so the film to a great extent feels like a friendly show about amiable characters. Be it in the sentiment or the social analysis, there is a serene vibe to the procedures. This is both an or more and short. While it is invigorating to have a film that is substance to portray a couple of occasions from the lives of its characters, after a point, the film is by all accounts going no place. The content obviously does not have the profundity of this current executive's past movies, so the scenes aren't as effective as they ought to have been.

For some time, the chief attempts to make an adversary out of the grandma, however, these bits verge on taking after TV serials. It is just in the last thirty minutes that an appropriate clash is presented, yet even this feels very sudden with hardly any portending that it winds up troublesome for us to become tied up with it.

On the off chance that the film figures out how to keep us drew in, it is principally a direct result of the delightfulness of its characters and the vibe great minutes. A portion of the scenes does hit home - like the discussion among Kamalakannan and Bharathi before they educate their groups of their sentiment, the parts including Muthulakshmi (Vasundhara, exuberant), Kamalakannan's companion, the scenes among Bharathi and Kamalakannan's dad. What's more, Yuvan Shankar Raja's experience score figures out how to loan some enthusiastic heave.

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Details

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Cast & Crew

Seenu Ramasamy, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamannaah Bhatia, Vadivukkarasi

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Genre

Drama, Romance

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Time

2 hrs 04 mins

Kanne Kalaimaane Movie Date

22 Feb, 2019

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