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Nethraa Movie
Nethraa Movie


Nethraa Movie Synopsis

The film-production disappoints you, with unrefined organizing, unprofessional exhibitions, indiscriminate altering and over the boisterous score.

Nethraa Movie Short Story

A young lady moves to Canada with her sweetheart to get hitched with the assistance of her companion, however, winds up caught in a snare of falsehoods and deceit.

Nethraa Movie Review

Nethraa feels like three movies folded into one. The primary demonstration looks like a riddle like The Lady Vanishes... Nethraa (Subhiksha) and her sweetheart Velu (Thaman) steal away to Canada where their companion Vikram (Vinay) lives. Be that as it may, soon, Velu disappears and Nethraa is informed that she had gone to the nation alone.

Nethraa Movie Full Story

Be that as it may, before we start to get in associated with this riddle, the film uncovers what's going on and after that, transforms into a retribution spine-chiller, with one of these characters being caught in a mystery room only beside where alternate characters live (like in Murder 3, which was motivated from the Colombian spine-chiller The Hidden Face). In any case, the film doesn't generally give us the anticipation that such movies create. Rather, it rapidly transforms into a repulsiveness spine chiller like Don't Breathe, where the lead characters need to outsmart a finesse miscreant who can't see. Be that as it may, even these parts come up short on any edge-of-the-situate thrills.

Such a sort concoction could have worked if the exchanging between classifications had been consistent. Be that as it may, here, the film-production disappoints you, with rough arranging, unprofessional exhibitions, erratic altering and over the uproarious score. To compound the situation, we get an unfunny satire track including Robo Shankar and Rajendran ridiculing prevalent motion pictures that are additionally roused from the Goundamani-Senthil scenes in Jai Hind!

Nethraa Movie Details

Nethraa Movie Cast & Crew

A. Venkatesh, Vinay Rai, Subiksha, Robo Shankar

Nethraa Movie Genre

Drama, Thriller

Nethraa Movie Time

2 hrs 18 mins

Nethraa Movie Date

08 Feb, 2019

Nethraa Movie Cinema

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