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22 Yards Movie Synopsis

A promising story let somewhere near dull execution.

22 Yards Movie Short Story

Ron Sen (Barun Sobti) is a fruitful games operator who oversees top players from the Indian cricket group. After discussion closes the possibilities of his vocation, Ron tutors a down-on-karma cricketer, Shome (Amartya Ray) to help accomplish his fantasy.

22 Yards Movie Review

Changes can be a dubious suggestion and well-known games writer, Mitali Ghoshal's swing to filmmaking with 22 Yards is an exemplary precedent. Her film has bits of knowledge from the universe of games specialists and battling cricketers, however, the film extremely does not have the artfulness and profundity required for a connecting with narrating exertion. The lead man, Barun Sobti's execution is likewise conflicting and can't compensate for the dreary execution.

22 Yards Full Story

22 Yards takes natural plot focuses as found in movies like Jerry Maguire (1996) and The Blind Side (2009) and places them into the account of a games specialist situated in Kolkata. Ron Sen directions power and regard from the greatest stars and names in Indian cricket, however, his swag and standing take a solid thrashing when he gets captured in the debate. He finds new confidence in an unsettled cricketer Shome, and the young fellow's interest in understanding his very own fantasy. While the story holds guarantee, the trashy execution thwarts the capability of the film. The cinematography and altering specifically look very amateur. The novice executive thinks that its difficult to take a few to get back some composure of the current story.

There are a large group of commonplace faces in the cast like Barun Sobti, Rajit Kapur and Panchi Bora, while there are likewise new names like Amartya Ray and Chaitali Ghosal, yet not one on-screen character can leave an enduring effect. The winding screenplay and the worn out narrating negatively affect this component film.

22 Yards Movie Details

22 Yards Movie Cast & Crew

Mitali Ghoshal, Amartya Ray, Barun Sobti, Rajit Kapoor

22 Yards Movie Genre

Sport, Drama

22 Yards Movie Time

2 hrs 20 mins

22 Yards Movie Date

15 Mar, 2019

22 Yards Movie Cinema

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