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Boomerang Movie Synopsis

The film's plot is sufficiently fascinating to engage the gathering of people, however the screenplay vacillates as the story advances.

Boomerang Movie Short Story

A person who completes a face transplant, following a flame mishap, understands that many are after his life. He embarks to discover the explanation behind the equivalent

Boomerang Movie Review

The idea of face swapping is no more a peculiar thing to motion picture buffs. Boomerang starts with an extreme medical procedure done to Siva as specialists believe it's the main way out to redress his facial deformations. His face is swapped with that of Sakthi's (Atharva). Siva, who gets another rent of life, plans to begin a business to deal with his family. Much to his dismay that he needs to confront a few issues in the coming days. In the wake of getting assaulted two or multiple times by certain outsiders, Siva understands that somebody is after his life.

Boomerang Movie Full Story

He embarks to Trichy with his companion Gopal (Sathish) and sweetheart (Megha Akash) to know the whereabouts of Sakthi. They meet Maya (Indhuja) who portrays Sakthi's life to them and explains why a few people are after Siva. What pursues is a retribution story.

The motion picture's plot is sufficiently fascinating to engage the group of onlookers, yet the screenplay wavers as the story advances. The need to grasp cultivating, components of corporate culture, passionate connection with the town, etc, are delineated strikingly however watchers feel detached now and again.

Atharvaa, as Siva and Sakthi, exceeds expectations in his jobs while Sathish and RJ Balaji are responsible for satire in the first and second parts individually. A couple of jokes of Balaji fills in as it matches up well with the scenes. Megha Akash is alright as a short producer and Indhuja does her part convincingly. Upen Patel, who shows up in several scenes, is squandered as his job is ineffectively composed.

Boomerang Movie Details

Boomerang Movie Cast & Crew

R. Kannan, Atharvaa Murali, Megha Akash, RJ Balaji

Boomerang Movie Genre

Action, Romance, Thriller

Boomerang Movie Time

2 hrs 10 mins

Boomerang Movie Date

08 Mar, 2019

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