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Face 2 Face Movie Synopsis

Face 2 Face is one among the more current movies that doesn't bind itself to the exhausted standards of filmmaking. The story is reviving when contrasted with the standard admission being handed out.

Face 2 Face Movie Short Story

Santosh is a hopeful on-screen character living in Chikamagalur. Life makes him meet two ladies, Preethi and Sneha. Who is Santosh initially infatuated with? What's more, what is the genuine story and association with both the young ladies? This structures the essence of the story.

Face 2 Face Movie Review

The film is made by Sandeep Janardan, somebody who has worked with Upendra. Also, there are plentiful cases in the film that repeat this interface. Like Upendra, Sandeep likewise attempts to approach numerous things that are atypical to the ordinary methodology. Does this work? It does, to a huge degree. Face 2 Face is a fascinating film that keeps you drew in for more often than not.

In the principal, a large portion of, the film presents itself as a romantic tale with three characters, Preethi, Sneha, and Santosh - the names truly symbolizing Love, Friendship and Happiness. The main hall is invigorating, drawing in and engaging. You're persuaded that it is a romantic tale that anticipates you after the interim. In any case, executive Sandeep guaranteed he has a tad of numerous sorts that are brought into his account in the second half.

Face 2 Face Full Story

One of the greatest features of the film is the cinematography that is supplemented with smooth altering. The visuals are engaging. The movie producer has picked an intriguing story, as well. One possibly thinks about whether there is an excessive amount of kept to be uncovered in the second half. Be that as it may, the peak makes up for the little bypasses. The lead trio, Rohith Bhanuprakash, Divya Uruduga, and Purvi Joshi, complete a sincere activity.

Face 2 Face is one among the more up to date films that don't limit itself to the threadbare standards of filmmaking. The story is reviving when contrasted with the standard admission being handed out. There are slight difficulties in the second half, where the movie producer has endeavored to present such a large number of turns. Be that as it may, the restricted run time and exertion to experiment guarantee the film remains an admirable exertion.

Face 2 Face Movie Details

Face 2 Face Movie Cast & Crew

Sandeep Janardan, Rohith Bhanuprakash, Divya Uruduga, Suchendra Prasad

Face 2 Face Movie Genre

Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Face 2 Face Movie Time

1 hrs 49 mins

Face 2 Face Movie Date

15 Mar, 2019

Face 2 Face Movie Cinema

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