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A moderate moving film that comes up short at starting a discussion about the social sick

Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Short Story

A pregnant Naaz (Jividha) who is given triple talaq by her better half Shahid (Parmeet Sethi), can't take the stun and endeavors to murder herself. She is spared by Rasheed (Lanwaljit Singh) who weds her and gives her another rent of life. Be that as it may, when further down the road she goes over a triple talaq circumstance, she battles it as opposed to giving up.

Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Review

The film plays out increasingly like a more than two hour Balaji cleanser of yore as opposed to an element, complete with various flashbacks et all. With cliché, kohl-looked at mullahs appeared as lowlifes, its subject trivializes the delicate subject of triple talaq. On the off chance that this should be a women's activist flick, the creators have gotten the idea stirred up. A character like Rasheed's mom, who does not acknowledge Naaz at first since she weds her child when she is pregnant, possibly acknowledges her when Naaz conveys an infant kid. No place in the whole film is the evil treatment she allots on her little girl in-law Naaz ever tended to. In any case, that is still not the motion picture's weakest point. The way that the movie producer holds up a decent two hours to take care of potential issues is the thing that massacres you.

Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Full Story

With a cast of veteran TV on-screen characters, the exhibitions are just as solid as the story, which isn't stating much. Exchanges are the most grounded piece of the film, it's additionally worth seeing that Muslims in Mumbai don't talk in virtuous Urdu. While the verses to the melodies are composed deftly by Naqsh Lyallpuri, Ahmed Wasi and Irshaad Kamil, there are simply such a large number of tunes.

To the extent triple talaq is concerned, this film does nothing for the predicament of ladies influenced by the out of date practice nor does it engage or suggest any significant conversation starters. The watchers better think thrice before giving this one a watch.

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Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Cast & Crew

Lekh Tandon, Parmeet Sethi, Kanwaljit Singh, Smita Jaykar

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Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Time

2 hrs 33 mins

Phir Ussi Mod Par Movie Date

08 Mar, 2019

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