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Thadam Movie Synopsis

Thadam has an intriguingly composed stream of occasions which starts from the pre-interim point and keeps up the tension factor till the end.

Thadam Movie Short Story

The homicide of youth makes perplexity among a couple of cops when they discover that the one charged in the wrongdoing sees alike!

Thadam Movie Review

Magizh Thirumeni's Thadam is a whodunit spine-chiller with abundant drawing in minutes, because of its holding screenplay. Kavin (Arun Vijay) is an unimportant hoodlum who enjoys different budgetary dealings with the assistance of his helper Suruli (Yogi Babu). A narrow-minded individual, he doesn't esteem Ananthi's (Smruthi Venkat) intimate romance for him. In the interim, Ezhil (Arun Vijay in another job), who is into the development business, longs for settling down with Deepika (Tanya Hope).

One of them kills a youth, which turns into an exciting case. The police, under the direction of Gopalakrishnan (FEFSI Vijayan), grabs Ezhil first dependent on his picture, which is found on the expired individual's telephone. The cop, who had been trusting that a shot will deliver retribution on Ezhil for an individual reason, plots to get him most extreme discipline. Be that as it may, he gets a mind-blowing stun when different cops take Kavin additionally to the authority.

Thadam Movie Full Story

Gopalakrishnan asks his lesser Malarvizhi (Vidya Pradeep) to take up the case. With scarcely any proof, because of the impeccably executed wrongdoing, Malar battles to discover who, among Ezhil and Kavin, is the genuine guilty party. The case achieves a phase when she needs to surrender the case because of the absence of proof.

Thadam has an intriguingly composed stream of occasions that start from the pre-interim point and the film keeps up the anticipation factor till the end. The motion picture, in any case, would have been exceptional with somewhat more consideration given to the composition. It requires a long investment to get to the plot, which makes the starting somewhat moderate. The movie likewise has some spoon-bolstering minutes as the executive needs the gathering of people to separate among Ezhil and Kavin even in scenes where they don't seem together.

Thadam Movie Details

Thadam Movie Cast & Crew

Magizh Thirumeni, Arun Vijay, Yogi Babu, Vidya Pradeep

Thadam Movie Genre

Crime, Suspense, Thriller

Thadam Movie Time

2 hrs 18 mins

Thadam Movie Date

01 Mar, 2019

Thadam Movie Cinema

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