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Yajamana Movie Synopsis

Yajamana is unquestionably an absolute necessity watch for devotees of business film. It has all the vital masala and furthermore figures out how to slip in a message towards the finish of the film.

Yajamana Movie Short Story

Krishna is the loyal child of Hulidurga, a town in Karnataka where there is no infiltration of corporate bodies. At the point when an oil financier eyes the town to guarantee his image has matchless quality over each area, Krishna defends his beliefs.

Yajamana Movie Review

Darshan is back after a break of over a year and the desires are very high from his fans. This film guaranteed a bundle loaded up with a major cast and bunches of activity and feelings in its trailer. Does it keep up the guarantee? It does. Yajamana is engaging and satisfies desires. The film has Darshan carrying content that is keenly woven together. It may appear a tune and a few scenes excessively long, however, those can be disregarded.

The film starts with the leader of the oil combination saying that he will murder any individual who attempts to divide him and his business. At the same time, in Hulidurga, watchers are acquainted with Krishna, who is a man of standards and is the foundation of a town where oil factories have figured out how to keep enormous corporate substances under control. In any case, Krishna has a tough job needing to be done when the oil head honcho chooses to bring down the general population.

Yajamana Movie Full Story

What is pleasant about Yajamana is that it figures out how to guarantee that it is a major star vehicle, yet guarantees that every single auxiliary character is not decreased to minor props. The scoundrel is similarly incredible and this guarantees there is a decent battle in store. Additionally, the two champions, regardless of their constrained jobs, have their impact in controlling the course of the account. The sentimental and satire tracks in the story don't appear to drive fitted, which must be praised.

Darshan has given an act that gives a plentiful extension for fans to whistle all through the film. Thakur Anoop Singh as the smooth agent scoundrel is amazing. Rashmika Mandanna is charming and her blending with Darshan functions admirably. Tanya Hope, in her presentation execution, demonstrates that she has excitement, alongside the guarantee of being a decent entertainer. Devaraj and Dattanna sparkle also. The movie is actually stable, with great visuals, foundation score and craftsmanship bearing.

Yajamana Movie Details

Yajamana Movie Cast & Crew

V. Harikrishna, P.Kumar, Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna

Yajamana Movie Genre

Action, Drama

Yajamana Movie Time

2 hrs 44 mins

Yajamana Movie Date

01 Mar, 2019

Yajamana Movie Cinema

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