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Airaa Movie Synopsis

Notwithstanding several minutes, Airaa is disappointing and islet somewhere near its composition.

Airaa Movie Short Story

A young lady, who goes to her grandmother's home in Pollachi, understands the nearness of something heavenly in the spot. In the interim, baffling homicides are going on in Chennai. How are these apparently random occasions associated?

Airaa Movie Review

The title credits of Airaa plays over a vivified succession that demonstrates the domino impact brought about by a Rube Goldbergian contraption. What's more, the title itself contains butterflies. These are the pieces of information that executive Sarjun offers us, directly toward the start of his movie, to the secret that is at the focal point of his movie's account.

At the point when the film starts, we see two or three cops in Pollachi noting trouble getting just to discover that the house they are in is spooky. The activity at that point movements to Chennai, to Yamuna (Nayanthara), a media proficient, who needs to endure a sexist NRI, whom her folks are attempting to set her up with, and a supervisor who is unsympathetic towards her weariness at composing an Agony Aunt segment. She moves to Pollachi, to the exceptionally spooky house that we have appeared before all else. The house is involved by her grandma (Kulappully Leela) and her assistance, Mani (Yogi Babu). Before long, spooky occasions begin occurring - squeaking entryways, recliners, shadowy figures and the works, which aficionados of the repulsiveness type are very much acquainted with.

In the meantime, in Chennai, Amudhan (Kalaiyarasan, strong), who has lost his darling Bhavani (Nayanthara, darker and better) to a street mishap, understands that the apparently disconnected passings occurring around him could really be associated with the dead lady. How do these two storylines meet?

Airaa Movie Full Story

There's a demeanor of apathy about Airaa. It needs to be an apparition motion picture, yet it holds attempting to play down the awfulness components. It needs to be a catastrophe around an appalling character, however, wouldn't like to turn out to be excessively sensational. It needs to be a film with a genius, yet can't choose in the event that it needs to exhibit the star or the performer. It endeavors to play around with the Butterfly Effect idea to make the retribution point - a staple of blood and guts movies - appear to be special, however shockingly, this endeavor reverse discharges. One of the primary issues with the film is that the Yamuna is a uninteresting character with no charming attribute to make us dread for her security. Truly, she is strong (in an early scene, we see her putting down a man who attempts to prostitute disgrace her), however, that doesn't feel enough. Truth be told, Nayanthara appears to be bored here.

The characters around the Yamuna are likewise dull. You just need to see the manner in which Yogi Babu's character is blessed to receive get this. Given how dynamite the Nayanthara-Yogi Babu blend was in Kolamaavu Kokila, it is even more appalling.

What's more, the essayists (Sarjun and Priyanka) give us the terrifically essential flashback - Bhavani's backstory - just in the second half. Bhavani is positively a compassionate character, however at that point, when we become more acquainted with why she is after the Yamuna, it feels hostile to climactic and all the more imperatively, out of line. To compound the situation, the character's ridiculous interest at last just victimizes away the altruism.

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Airaa Movie Cast & Crew

Sarjun K. M, Nayanthara, Kalaiyarasan, Yogi Babu

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Airaa Movie Time

2 hrs 22 mins

Airaa Movie Date

29 Mar, 2019

Airaa Movie Cinema

Tamil, Telugu
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