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Kanchana 3 Movie Synopsis

The horror comedy has been the establishment's distinguishing mark, yet this time, these scenes feel monotonous and puerile.

Kanchana 3 Movie Short Story

A young fellow who gets effectively frightened is controlled by a phantom that is looking for vengeance.

Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Given that we are currently into the fourth film of the Muni otherwise known as Kanchana establishment, we comprehend what we are agreeing to accept. Also, Kanchana-3 gives us that - a man who gets frightened effectively, his blundering however great-hearted family, a phantom that wants to scare them, tantrics, a wistful backstory, and retribution. However, this recipe has turned out to be to some degree stale at this point. Ghastliness parody has been the film's distinguishing mark, and regardless of being over the top and boisterous, these scenes were interesting in the past movies. This time, they feel redundant (we get not one but rather five examples of a similar bounce alarm situation, demonstrating an absence of creative energy) and considerably progressively puerile (the performing artists appear to understand this and essentially money in their checks).

Kanchana 3 Movie Full Story

What's more, for a film whose essential target group of onlookers incorporates kids, its generalization of the three female leads is condemnable. Pretty much every character, including the young ladies' folks continue alluding to them as "figurunga". What's more, every scene including them has a character requesting that they lay down with the saint.

However, considering all the more disillusioning is the manner in which the film endeavors to go off as a socially capable one. The establishment has recently engaged the minimized, similar to transgenders and debilitated, through the backstory. In any case, this time, as opposed to appearing strengthening, this area feels like a misuse of the underprivileged to help the picture of its star. We had different performing artists playing these thoughtful characters in the past movies, however here, the star himself plays the friend in need, affirming our doubt.

Kanchana 3 Movie Details

Kanchana 3 Movie Cast & Crew

Raghava Lawrence, Oviya Helen, Vedhika, Kovai Sarala

Kanchana 3 Movie Genre

Horror, Comedy

Kanchana 3 Movie Time

2 hrs 44 mins

Kanchana 3 Movie Date

19 Apr, 2019

Kanchana 3 Movie Cinema

Tamil, Telugu
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