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Kavaludaari Movie Synopsis

Feel free to watch this film, as it emerges in the midst of the typical accounts that are hitting the screens.

Kavaludaari Movie Short Story

A traffic cop and a resigned investigator end up running into each other when the previous choose to understand a homicide case that goes back more than three decades prior. Will they discover the executioner?

Kavaludaari Movie Review

Neo-noir films are not many in Sandalwood and the limited time material of Kavaludaari guaranteed something for fanatics of this sort. Executive Hemanth M Rao demonstrated he is a decent storyteller with his presentation highlight Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu. In this way, the desires were naturally higher, add to that the way this is the primary film from Puneeth Rajkumar's new pennant, it expands it by two folds. Kavaludaari does satisfy the publicity and desires.

The film unfurls with a homicide scene during the 1970s, with sporadic visuals. From this scene, one is transported to display day, where a traffic cop is seen trying to wear full khakhi and get an exchange to the wrongdoing office. While these expectations see no fulfillment, he unearths a homicide case that stirs the wrongdoing comprehending cop in him. He sets out on the chase for the executioners, which drives him to discover an accessory in a resigned, alcoholic auditor, who was initially the researching officer all things considered. As they proceed onward the trail, the case presents numerous turns and turns.

Kavaludaari Movie Full Story

With regards to neo-noir films in India, frequently the movies face a hindrance with the staple masala fixings being burdened in. Fortunately, Kavaludaari is without that. Truth be told, all that the producers have shared till now - be it the tunes, the trailer or the notices - just have uncovered what's in store in the primary half. Thus, there is a plentiful puzzle left for watchers, as far as the story and the cast. The characters, as in Hemanth's first, aren't appeared as either dark or white. The dark shades and the more reasonable depictions make the story increasingly relatable.

The film has a place with Rishi, who emerges as the traffic cop who is endeavoring to challenge himself by understanding a case that the wrongdoing division has named as an impasse. Anant Nag is wonderful as ever. Achyuth Kumar and Sampath likewise merit a notice. The troupe cast appears to have been painstakingly picked, with each on-screen character accommodating their part, be it in huge or little jobs. Advaitha Gurumurthy's camerawork and Charan Raj MR's music amp up the account.

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Kavaludaari Movie Cast & Crew

Hemanth M. Rao, Suman Ranganathan, Rishi, Achyuth Kumar

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Kavaludaari Movie Time

2 hrs 24 mins

Kavaludaari Movie Date

12 Apr, 2019

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