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Madhura Raja Movie Synopsis

Udayakrishna's political editorial appears to be silly and constrained. Madhuraja is a festival of the megastar's masochism.

Madhura Raja Movie Short Story

A bar close to the school in Pambinthuruth is causing distress among the inhabitants. Be that as it may, Chinna Raja can't contain the circumstance himself, enter Madhuraraja with his pageantry and show.

Madhura Raja Movie Review

Nine years after 'Pokkiri Raja' Vysakh matches up with Mammootty for Madhura raja with Mammootty repeating his job as the main character. Udayakrishna, the business hit producer, turns this story taking into account Mammootty fans holding on to see him in an overwhelming symbol. What's more, Madhura raja is everything that they were hanging tight for.

Pambinthuruth needs their legend Madhura raja when alcohol noble Nadeshan makes the place where they grew up island his setting of wrongdoing. In spite of the fact that Chinna raja (Jai) is sent to contain an encounter in the island things winding our of his control and Madhura Raja needs to come to spare the day.

Madhura Raja Movie Full Story

The film begins with a guarantee. In spite of the fact that Mammootty, as Madhura raja, requires a long time to appear on screen, when does he does as such with a significant quality? Salim Kumar as author Ezhuthachan Alias Manoharan is reminiscent of the old Salim Kumar who made us laugh out loud with his shrewd repartee. A Salim Kumar who had been absent for a long time. The much-touted Sunny Leone comes in as the fundamental artist to a tune, moves great, and is never known about or found in the film until the end of time. Gopi Sundar's music is dynamic, snappy and supplements the account great.

In the second a large portion of the story investigates a somewhat political and social figure of speech. Praise to the endeavor, however, Udayakrishna doesn't actually fulfill the guidelines of political analysis a normal Malayali is utilized to, gratitude to Renji Panicker during the 90s and Murali Gopy from this time forward. To put it plainly, Udayakrishna's political editorial appears to be silly and constrained. Madhuraja is a festival of the megastar's masochism. Thus, the account barely allows some other character to grow, not to mention any female character. The various characters, even Jai, wraps up a prop.

Madhuraja is all that they guaranteed it would be. It has sufficient over-the-top activity arranged by Peter Hein, the Megastar in an overwhelming symbol, his droll satire, and a moving melody by Sunny Leone. What it needs in story and profundity it makes up with the previously mentioned. What's more, last yet not the least, Madhuraja closes with a guarantee of a spin-off, 'Priest Raja' where Madhuraja has turns into a priest of the state.

Madhura Raja Movie Details

Madhura Raja Movie Cast & Crew

Vysakh, Mammootty, Narain, Jai

Madhura Raja Movie Genre

Drama, Action, Comedy

Madhura Raja Movie Time

2 hrs 27 mins

Madhura Raja Movie Date

12 Apr, 2019

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