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No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Synopsis

'No Fathers In Kashmir' is definitely not a light watch - it's a strong story that abandons you considering the half-widows and half-vagrants and numerous such untold stories.

No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Short Story

A high school young lady from Britain, Noor visits Kashmir with her mom just to discover the genuine story behind her missing dad. She becomes friends with a neighborhood Kashmiri kid, Majid who has endured a comparable destiny and he consents to enable her to disentangle more realities. However, their interest winds up going in a new direction.

No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Review

Chief Ashvin Kumar's past works - 2004's Oscar named short film Little Terrorist and National Award winning documentaries, 'Inshallah, Football' and 'Inshallah, Kashmir' have investigated the area's pained political background. Also, with 'No Fathers in Kashmir' he takes the story forward.

The movie producer delivers a fierce and unforgiving truth of the Kashmir Valley through the eyes of youthful Noor (Zara Webb) and Majid (Shivam Raina). At the point when Noor discovers that both their dads were 'grabbed' (the significance of which Noor in the end comprehends) by the Indian armed force years prior, with no updates on them since she needs to discover more. Her testing unwinds an unexpected end result including the twofold dealings of a venerated, radical neighborhood pioneer, Arshid (Ashvin Kumar).

In spite of the inauspicious story it embarks to deliver, No Fathers in Kashmir is sprinkled with inspiring, light snapshots of collaboration which convey a grin to your face. Particularly the minutes among Noor and Majid, that inevitably forms into a delicate romantic tale despite the fact that their present substances and conditions are so unique.

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Captivatingly shot (excepting the portable camera shots which are bumping), the film absorbs you the stunning excellence of Kashmir and makes an impactful juxtaposition with the scars of contention clear in the valley. Add to that, the eerie foundation score that is for the most part drawn from nearby people music, including its very own measurement. The screenplay is carefully offset with the producer featuring the problem on the two closures. While the story is awful and generally grasping, the pace of the film does disappoint now and again.

The sublimely gifted performing artists, Soni Razdan and Kulbhushan Kharbanda add their weight to the film as Noor's grandparents in Kashmir. While Razdan's emotive eyes do the vast majority of the acting, Kharbanda's character is the voice of reason in the film. Ashvin Kumar as Arshid assumes an essential job, successfully. Be that as it may, it's the guiltless appeal of the lead pair Zara Webb and Shivam Raina that radiates through - particularly Raina who contacts a harmony as Majid.

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No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Cast & Crew

Ashvin Kumar, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Soni Razdan, Anshuman Jha

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No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Time

1 hrs 53 mins

No Fathers In Kashmir Movie Date

05 Apr, 2019

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